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Posted 20th December 2009

Khalsa Karate to take part in the Karate Super League 2010. Click here to read more.

Posted 22nd November 2009

Congratulations to Jack Newey for getting selected to represent England in the Junior European Kata Championships.

Sensei Sat commented " Jack has worked so hard this year and it would have been tragic not to see Jack represent his country. His hard work and dedication has been awesome and this has showed all year and finally he has his just rewards. I am so proud of Jack and we at Khalsa Karate are very privileged to have Jack representing us and our country!!!" WELL DONE MATE!!!.

Sensei Junior Lefevre also commented that Jack has all the ability to be a world class competitor and had the whole class applause Jack for getting selected.

Royal Borough of Kingston Sports Awards

Posted 18th October 2009
Royal Borough of Kingston Sports Awards

Thursday evening 15th October saw Rachel Newey awarded a national medal from the Royal Borough of Kingston for her outstanding sports achievements, to the Borough and her country.

Sensei Sat, member of the RBK Sports Committee commented;

" It was very nice to be invited to the awards and see such amazing talent in one room. All the students are everyday people, with everyday jobs however have a desire to be the best at their sports, whatever the obstacles.

These awardees are truly amazing and we as a Borough should be very proud and honoured of the talent that we hold.
It was even more amazing to see my own student awarded a medal. Rachel has truly excelled herself over the last two years and continues to push regardless of her obstacles. We at Khalsa Karate are very proud of Rachel's accomplishments and will support Rachel with all the way!! Well done Rachel Newey!!!" Sensei Sat

Rachel and Jack NewePosted August 2nd 2009
Rachel Newey selected for England Squad for Morocco

Congratulations to Rachel Newey for being selected to represent England Junior Female Kata Team in Morocco for the World Championships.

Sensei Sat said " I am very proud of what Jack and Rachel have achieved this year and for Rachel being selected is a fanastic result for Rachel, England and the club.

Unfortunately Jack just missed out in final stages however his time will come and im sure the England badge will be his next year. Both students are true ambassadors for the club. Good luck at the worlds from all at the club!!!!"

Sat's birthday cake!Posted July19th 2009
Sat's birthday!

July 15th saw Sensei Sat another year older and uglier!!!! and all the students at the club pulled together to wish him a happy birthday and present him with a beautiful KHALSA KARATE CONFEDERATION CAKE, cards, and celebration drink after class!!!!!!!!

Sensei Sat commented "it was a lovely thought, and the cake was so beautifully made!!! The club is a such a happy close family club and i am honoured to have such students. Thank you so very very much and i appreciate all the kind words sent by emails and the cards".


Posted July 13th 2009
Sensei Sat awarded 4th Dan

Toyakwai Karate Association presented Sensei Sat his 4th Dan Certificate for his services to Karate. Sensei Joe Anderson awarded Sensei Sat his 4th Dan during the interval at the Greater Open Championships and commented, "This trophy and certificate is certified by the EKF and the BKCC/TKA recognised by the WKF, and is given to Sat or all his hard work to karate and good standard throughout his club."

Congratulations Sensei!! from all at Khalsa Karate.

Posted July 12th 2009
Victory in Greece for Rachel Newey

Khalsa Karate are very proud to announce Rachel Newey (Junior Kata Coach Khalsa Karate) has won the World Cup Youth Kata Championships, held in Greece.

Sensei Sat commented " Rachel is a dream student and practices so hard, both physically and mentally and we are very honoured to have such a student!!! To go and win the World Youth Cup Championships and so convincingly taking all 5 flags in the final is awesome, We are so so proud!!! Well done from all at Khalsa Karate".Sensei Sat

Full report to here.

Rachel and Jack NewePosted July 5th 2009
England Trials Semi-Final Selections

Saturday 4th July saw both our kata students competing for a final place in the Junior England Selections. This process is to represent England in the World Championships later in the year. Both Rachel and Jack Newey represented Khalsa Karate and both got selected to the final stage!!!

Sensei Sat commented "I am so so proud of my students!!! They have heart, commitment and show so much dedication to their karate and I'm so pleased for them both. I hope they get selected at final stage to represent there country!!! Well done from Sensei and everyone at Khalsa Karate!!!!!!."

Sensei Sat also would also like to thank Jon Mottram for all his hard work and training, very much appreciated. Thanks Jon!!!

Royal Borough of Kingston Sports Committee MemberPosted June 30th 2009
Royal Borough of Kingston Sports Committee Member

Tuesday 29th June 2009 was the annual general sports committee meeting for the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames, held at the Malden Centre.

Khalsa Karate are proud to announce that Sensei Sat has been elected to the committee which deals with all issues, in all sports throughout the RBK.

Sensei Sat commented "To be elected to this committee is a great step not just for our individual sport/club but all sports. It's a chance for everyone to ensure that they are given support/guidance they need, or have their issues aired". There are very experienced members on the committee whom have been elected for many years and I look forward to working alongside them."

Sophie SantilloPosted June 28th 2009

Sophie Santillo (right) was selected to compete for England Trials after winning the Commonwealth Open and England Championships.

Sophie had a tough catergory against girls at least a year older however, although she did her best she didn't get selected for final trials.

Sensei Sat congratulated Sophie on all her winnings this year and said it was a good experience for her. "I think Sophie has learnt a lot from this and will be stronger next time!!! Well done Soph from all at Khalsa Karate!!!"


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