Greater Open London Championships Feb 2008

What a great start for the Khalsa Squad to 2008. Both squads A and B travelled to Dagenham to compete in the TKA Greater Open Championships.

With 13 members of the squad competing the squad brought back 10 medals. 4 Golds,2 Silvers and 4 Bronze.

The kata squad were first and it was the A squad that continued the success of 2007 and for the B squad it was an excellent start to thier kata competition career

Sean McNamee was on first and scored a fantastic 20.4 considering the catergory had 2 pools and the highest score was 20.9. Little Sean is only an orange belt and still managed in his first comp to be placed in the top 10.Well done Sean

The next catergory was up to blackbelt and both Mitchell Turner and Luke Hardcastle again new to the kata comps scored a very respectable 20.4 and 19.9. Both students were technically excellent, but needed more power. Being in the black belt catergory also made it harder but the guys definately show willing and desire to succeed.Well done boys.

Next was the Cadet and Adult catergories and Jack was on first. Jack being second on in a large catergory, performed a fantastic Chatanayra and produced an excellent 3rd place with a score of 21.7. Rachel is starting to show the quality that she really is by winning the catergory by a clear 0.5 points with superb Chatanayra Ku Shan Ku. Rachel went on to gain silver in the adult kata section with a very polished Anan. Sensei Mottram National Kata Coach quoted the result from this weekend is well deserved, and both Jack and Rachel have a great future in karate. Sensei Sat congratulates all kata squad, on their performances.

Kumite started with Franny Hardcastle winning Gold with 3 back to back fights.Frannys first fight was a bit scrappy but still managed to win comfortably 8-1. Her second fight was straight after and fought and old adverasy in the red gi-gang however Frannys calm head and fast gyaks took her though to the final and eventually won 7-4. The final again was straight after the semis and Franny fought the older sister of round 1. Franny feeling rather tired now fought a scrappy fight and should have won by a greater margin but still managed to win 1-0, and retained Gold.

Next was Adam Bhaiji whom fought for the first time and was unfortunately in the wrong height catergory. But Adam showed the determination he has by continuing to fight guys alot bigger than him. Adams gyaks werent working as they do in training and the nerves did effect him on the day however he won a very respectable bronze.Well done Adam.

Both Patrick McDonaugh and Jack Newey were up next and in a very large catergory. Jack up first wasnt finding his range in the fight. This fight was scrappy on both sides until Jack produced an awesome roundhouse and scored 3 points to take the win.Whilst celebrating Jack was asked to come back as the kick touched and should not have made contact. Both fighters resumed the fight and Jack unfortunately lost to a roundhouse to the back. Jack soon redeemed himself by winning both fights in the team and eventually taking bronze for the team. Patrick McDonaugh like Jack shows so much potential and won his first 2 fights 5-0 and 6-0. The semis was against Jamal Otto son of Wayne Otto. Both Patrick and Jamal showed the class they are and Waynes trade mark gyak is definately rubbing on Jamal. Both fighters drew 3-3 and went on to overtime and even then could not decide. In the end the judges decided 2-1 to Jamal. Great fight guys! Well done.

Then came the adults and Derek Fairminer fought first after being out for over a year. Derek took the first and second round 4-0 and 4-3 respectively. However the third round Derek lost by a single gyak, however still gained a very good bronze. After such a long period out and a very large catergory Sensei Sat was delighted with the result.

Paul Abel was on next and Paul truly showed the class that he is and having not been on the mat for over 8 months Paul took the first 2 rounds 8-0 and 8-0 and met Alton Brown kumite squad instructor for khalsa karate in the final. Paul took the lead 3-0 with an awesome roundhouse, but couldn't keep Alton away. Alton found his range and pulled the fight back to 3-3. The fight went into overtime and Alton pulled out the winning gyak. Taking both gold and Silver was a great result. Well done guys.

Alton, Paul and Stephanie later went on to win Gold in the team Event.

Last was Jackie. Crazy woman! Jackie was in a large black belt adult catergory and although she lost first round scored two fantastic gyaks almost dropping her opponent. As jackie is new to kumite she shows good heart and determination and will eventually win.

Sensei Sat is very proud of this weeks results and congratulates the whole squad with their results win or lose. The attitude both on and off the mats was exceptional.

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