AMA Southern Open Karate Championships May 10th 2009

6 competitors: 2 Golds, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze !

Khalsa Karate travelled to River mead Leisure Centre in Reading this weekend with a small squad of 7.

For some this was their second competition with the flag system and a real high standard to compete against from some good clubs.

Up first was Summer Parris who as always takes everything in her stride, and started of with a very strong Bassai – Dai. Her performance was exceptional and she took all three flags. Now as she gained momentum summer went up a level and performed a very clean Seunshin and again took all three flags again. Summer now was in the semis and a guaranteed bronze. In the semis summer lost 0-3 to the eventual winner and thoroughly deserved her bronze medal. Sensei Sat said I am very proud of summer as she takes everything in her own stride, and gets the results. Great result Well done Summer!!!!!!

Second up was little sean who won the Yamaguchi 3-0 in every round at the last comp and was looking hopeful to medal again, however nerves got the best of him and not feeling great, decided to leave early. Sensei Sat said this little boy is a little treasure and has a great career in kata and will in his mind no doubt be amongst the best in years to come!!!!

Next was Bleu who again come off a good English result medalling silver, looked hopeful to take this comp to the finals, but unfortunately came up against a very strong jion and lost 0-3. Sensei Sat said Bleu is as professional as always and took the loss very well, and channelled it on his fighting. Well done Bleu!!!

Lastly was Kira again taking gold in he first flag comp last month, was looking very confident and positive. She performed a fantastic Bassai Dai. Unfortnately she came up against the eventual winner in the first round and had she been in the lower pool may have medalled. Sensei Sat said her kata was awesome and she is showing the class she can be. It wont be long when Kira will challenge the top girls. Her desire to win is captivating. Well done Kira!!!!!!

Next was Sophie in kumite. Having won 2 golds at the English, Sophie was looking to get to the final again and did, taking the first round 4-1 and second, 2-0. Having reached the final Sophie was leading 3-2 and then lost 2 points in the dying seconds, losing 4-3 and taking silver. Sensei Sat said when Sophie is on fire she is devastating however Sophie just didn't fight like she can. Sophie however has something most fighters haven't and that is heart even when hurt she never quits and that showed today. Good result and well done Sophie!!!!

Next up was Cuba Parris. Cuba had a very tough first round however tactically beat his opponent with some very clever thinking and winning 5-2. His second round was a little scrappy, however his lightning speed took him through to the final 2-0. The final was against a very small and fast fighter and his size made it difficult for Cuba, and although he scored several times never got scored because it seemed heavy contact. However Cuba managed to take the win and beat his opponent taking Gold. Sensei Sat said Cuba has so much potential and has won or medalled at every comp so far that has been asked of him, and still has so much more potential to give. Well done Cuba great result!!!

Next was Bleu who had a lot of anger to channel from his kata and he showed a dazzling display of fighting winning the first three rounds 8-0, 9-1 and 5-1. Having reached the final Bleu met a very talented opponent. Bleu was winning comfortably and winning 4-1 lost a hook kick in the last second drawing with his opponent and taking it to extra time. Again like the final Bleu went up 4-1 again and again lost to a hook kick in the last second taking it to 4-4. As this was the end of extra time judges called the fight 3-0 to bleu as he was the aggressor. Sensei Sat said bleu was awesome and took the kata result very professionally and let his fighting talk on the mat!! He is a very talented child with a big heart and showed his quality today to take Gold. Well done Bleu!!!!!!

Next was Pat who hadn't been on the mat for quite some time. Unfortunately Patrick lost the first round 0-1 however found a few of his trade mark techniques not scoring. Sensei Sat said although this was a loss it was great to see Pat on the mat and it wont be long before he gets the results he deserves. Well done Pat!!!!

Lastly was Kira and after losing the kata she again like Bleu gave it 100% in her fighting. Kira unfortunately lost 0-1, however she showed so much courage this weekend, and although her kata is the favoured style she has a lot of talent in her fighting. Sensei Sat said if Kira could get her distance right she will be a handful for any opponent. Well done Kira great heart!!!

Overall Sensei Sat said the team were awesome and even though we didn't medal in all categories, we showed we have the capability. Every student from the club showed their professionalism both on and off the mat and the results are forthcoming in every competition. The team spirit and moral is so high and the kids work so well together, supporting, coaching and understanding a loss and win together as a team and not as individuals. Sensei Sat said he couldn't be more proud of his squad.

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