BELGIUM OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS Nov 2009Sunday the 8th November saw Khalsa Karate, enter 2 of the junior squad members for there first international competition outside the UK.

This competition was the first international that Cuba and Bleu Parris entered and both boys did not disappoint.

Having both won the British Championships in Kumite it was a good opportunity to see what European competitions held, and how we faired against the European way of fighting.

Cuba was up first in the lighter category of over 32 competitors and took a bye first round. His second round was against a very aggressive and strong Belgium student, however Cuba picked him off easily to take the win 4-0. Cubas quarter final was against a taller Dutch student took the win.Cuba's Semi final came against a very fast Iranian, however Cuba made again light work of him, taking the first 3 points. Cuba then done a roundhouse that dropped his opponent so hard rolled over in pain. What we thought was a great kick was deemed excessive and Cuba lost 2 points but went on to win 5-2, to reach the final. The final again showed Cubas speed and he struck straight off with 2 lighting over the top techniques securing Gold and the new BELGIUM OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP!!

Next up was Bleu Parris who was like his brother in a huge category, of over 32 competitors and Bleu fought a strong Turkish opponent first round.

Bleu took his opponent out with a good round house and lighting over the top to secure a 4-0 win.

BELGIUM OPEN CHAMPIONSHIPS Nov 2009His second opponent was a very tough Iranian with very good footwork. Bleu went down one point in the opening seconds . The Iranian opponent backed off and kicked a round house to the back which wasn't expected which cost Blue two more points. Bleu was very brave and kept the aggression on taking a point back however 2 bad decisions where the opponent again scored, should not have, as they were very low and should have been penalised, but went the Iranians way causing Bleu to loose 7-1. Even to the end Bleu was much the stronger and aggressive fighter but this day was not going to favour Bleu. The Iranian fighter went on to win the category taking Gold.

Sensei Sat said "both boys can be very proud of there achievements and showed they both have the class to beat any European opponent. With over 20 countries in attendance the boys can hold their heads high as the quality they showed this weekend took a lot of coaches and countries by surpise. Well done both boys. Fantastic Result!!!"

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