A small squad of 6 from Khalsa Karate travelled to Edinburgh, Scotland this weekend a produced a fantastic result!!!!!!!!

First up on the Saturday was Rachel Newey in the kata section. Rachael took the first 4 rounds very convincingly, with superb performances. Now reaching the final Rachel was up against a good opponent however Rachel produced a stunning Chatanayara Ku Shanku and took the gold 2-1. Sensei Sat said he is so proud Rachel! She has worked solid especially on the back of winning the World cup youth championships, and selections. Rachel deserves every accolade in her winnings. WELL DONE RACHEL!!

Next up was Jack Newey who like bigger sis had a tough category and won in style taking 3-0 flags most of the way. Having made the final he was up against a tough opponent but Jack produced the icing on the cake with a stunning Unsu. He took the win 2-1 and gave us the second Gold of the day. Sensei Sat said Jack is an absolute natural and can produce the most stunning displays on the day and this day was no exception. Absolutely flawless. WELL DONE JACK!!!!

Last up on the day was Sophie Santillo who had a tough first round. Unfortunately she lost 6-2 however with the new masks and chest guards the rules were appalling and some very bad decisions were given. Sophie managed to go to repo charge and take the next round 5-2 and now had to fight for the bronze, however Sophie was fighting girls nearly 2 years older and a very experienced fighter from the same association. Sophie finally lost by 2 points taking 4th place. Sensei Sat said Sophie is without doubt an England hopeful and a heart like a lion; however consistency is what we need. This is good experience for her and it won't be long before she has the England Badge on. WELL DONE SOPHIE!!!

Sunday we had 3 competitors again in Franny, Bleu and Cuba. First up was Bleu in the kata section. Bleu started with an awesome Sei-unshin and took the result 3-0. His next opponent was probably the hardest and definitely the sharpest however Bleu performed a stunning Annan and took his opponent out 3-0. Sensei Jon Mottram confirmed this was the best kata he had seen Bleu do. His next opponent produced a good Peku and took the round against a good Unsu 2-1. Sensei Sat said Bleu performed superb and I couldn't have asked for more. Bleu done nothing wrong and I am very proud of his achievement. WELL DONE BLEU!!!

Straight after kata Bleu was straight on the mats for fighting and even though he was tired he took the first 3 rounds against some very strong and big opponents. However Bleu like his performance in his kata kept his head and produce a stunning display in the final taking GOLD. Sensei Sat said Bleu showed his maturity by keeping a good head and taking his aggression out on the mat. Bleu done the club/association and proud. WELL DONE BLEU!!!

Next up was Bleu's team mate Francesca Hardcastle. Unfortunately Franny was the only student that didn't have a bye first round and fought a fantastic fight. However like Sophie's fight the scoring was very inconsistent, judges not putting correct scores up or not understanding the no contact rule!!! Franny however like she always does went head on and scored 10 points on her opponent however having given 6 points away for contact eventually was disqualified 12-10. Sensei Sat said Francesca produced a stunning display however and done the right things if it weren't for the contact rule. Franny like Sophie is a stunning hopeful and has the heart to beat anyone on her day!!!! This is good experience for her and I have no doubt she will learn from this and become stronger!!! WELL DONE FRAN!!!!!

Last up was Cuba. Cuba like Franny had a very large category with over 58 competitors. Cuba took the first 4 fights convincingly and made his little work of his opponents. Reaching the semis Cuba took his opponent out 6-0 producing an amazing sweep. Having reached the final Cuba again made little work against a very good Shindo-Kai opponent. Taking the fight 8-0 Cuba took the Gold. Sensei Sat Cuba finally understands his fighting and produced to date his best fight. He stuck to the game plan well and like Bleu, Fran, Soph, Jack and Rachel never gave up and on his own abilities. WELL DONE CUBA!!!!.

Sensei Sat said he is very proud of his students this weekend. They stuck together off and on the mat and were an absolute delight to be with. Their accomplishments medalling or not are due to all the hard work the students put in, all the support and help from the squad back England and including Instructors that all have helped them from within the club and from other associations.

Thank you every one!


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