Black Belts Gradings 29th November 2009

Black Belt Grading November 2009Sunday 29th November saw the last grading of the year and this was for Black Belts only.

Grading started on an early Sunday morning with three students going for their Shodan and one for Nidan.

All students went through basic techniques, followed by combinations, stamina x125 press ups, 150 sit-ups, 25 balance kicks on both sides, 32 attack and defence pairs, 4 katas and 6 fights each.

After 1 hr 35 minutes all students were absolutely shattered, however did themselves proud and passed their gradings.

Maksymillian Dudzinski   1st Dan
Johannes Wagner   1st Dan
Jacqueline Freiheit   1st Dan
Jake Kennerson   2nd Dan

Sensei Sat commented "All four students have worked so hard for this one day and thoroughly deserve every accolade on their individual performances. The grading is a very hard test of desire from both mental and physical sides, however they all exceeded themselves today. The club is growing ever stronger and to have four new black belts is a huge benefit for the club, and gives others hope to for fill their goals. Well done magnificent grading".

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