English National Senior & Junior Karate Championships 2009

Result – 3 Golds 1 Silver

Khalsa Karate entered the English Championships on 21st/22nd March 2009.

Representing the club for kata was Rachel and Jack Newey and Bleu Parris, and for kumite was Bleu Parris, Cuba Parris and Sophie Santillo. There was a large number in attendance for every category, and looking at the quality we realised it was going to be a tough day.

Rachel was up first and went in first round with Sei-unshin and won 2-1. Second round Rachel performed a very strong Bassai dai against sei-unshin and won 2-1. With Rachel on a roll she won the next round 2-1 with very strong Anan followed by another 2-1 win with Chatnayra Ku-Shanku. Now reaching the semi's Rachel performed a very sharp Unsu but just lost 1-2 putting Rachel 4th and just missing bronze. Rachel' performance was absolutely superb and Sensei Sat feels with a bit of perseverance, her hard work, dedication and drive will see Rachel where she should be. Well done Rachel!

Next up was Jack Newey, and like sister Rachel he had a very hard category. Jack performed a very strong Bassai Dai which looked awesome but unfortunately lost first round 0-3 to a very strong opponent. Sensei sat says Jack's Bassai Dai was awesome and very sharp, and he must continue to keep pushing hard as the result no way reflects the quality of Jack's performance. Sensei Sat would also like to thank Jack and Rachel for helping coach and support the juniors.

Last was Bleu who was also in a very large category. Bleu entered the tatami with Bassai – Dai. His kata was very powerful and won 2-1. Bleu's second round and third round was very tough but determined and confident Bleu won 2-1, 2-1 performing Sei-Unshin and Unsu. Now reaching the semi-s Bleu performed one of his favourite katas in Chatnayara Ku-Shan-Ku and won 3-0. The final was going to be very tough and Bleus Annan although very good wasn't strong enough to beat a good Chatnayara and lost 0-3 taking silver medal. Sensei Sat said his performance was exceptional and he has the determination and will to succeed and believes his time will come very soon.

Next up was Sophie Santillo whom this was her first English Championships. Sensei Sat felt after winning the commonwealth open last year this would be a very good comp to see how does and sophie did not disappoint winning 4 fights to reach the final. Sophies final was against a very strong opponent and Sophies awesome hook kicks took her to gold winning 8-3 in the final. Sophie continued her success in the team winning all her three fights 8-0, 7-0, 7-1 helping the team take gold, and Sophies double gold in her first ever English. Sensei Sat he is very proud of what Sophie has achieved this weekend, and said Sophie is now showing her class and hopes this will push her into her goal of being in the England Team.

Next up was Cuba Parris who was raring to fight and had a very large category. Cuba took first round 5-3 and second 5-4 however and although it was close, Cuba lost more points on control than bad defence. Cuba showed his class and stepped it up taking quarter and semis 5-3 and 4-2, against some very strong opponents. His final was against another Toyakwai representative and again lost points on touch control. Down 0-3 Cuba knew he had to step it up and went for a roundhouse to the head, as his opponent tried to block his thumb got bent back and unfortunately could not continue, giving Cuba the gold. Sensei Sat said he was very proud of Cuba's result and he has all the potential of being the best not just Nationally but Internationally.

Last up was Bleu and after a very draining 5 round kata display, his low energy was starting to show. That said Bleu went in first round showing his class and scored a fantastic roundhouse in the last 5 seconds taking him through to the second round. Bleu's second round was against a very tough opponent and although the fight lasted the full time and extra time, bleu showed his attitude in never giving up. The judges had to make a decision as neither fighter scored a point, and the judges went against bleu. Sensei Sat said the main goal of the day was the kata and Bleu was awesome in that department, however Bleu's fighting is coming on leaps and bounds and it wont be long before he follows his brothers ways and winning not just the kata but the fighting tatami's aswell.

Overall Sensei Sat said to take a small team of 5 and come back with 3 Golds and 1 Silver, is a huge achievement and his belief in the squad and their desire and attitude to win and perform is inspiring, not just for the other squad members but also the traditional karate-ka's in the club. The squad made me very very proud and shows the club is going from strength to strength. There support towards one another is exceptional and they all push to win as a team. Sensei Sat wishes to thank all the parents, supporters and coaches who helped on the day, and at the club !!! Well done Khalsa Karate and Toyakwai!!!!

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