Junior Lefevre Course Nov 2009

Sunday 22nd November 2009, saw Junior Lefevre holding a course at Khalsa Karate.

The course started at 2pm following Dan Gradings, and Sensei Lefevre went straight into kumite techniques showing us the correct hip movement.

The course was mainly focused on kumite techniques and poor harry cannon certainly felt the impact of correct techniques.

Every student was so glad Sensei Cannon voted himself as Sensei Lefevre's assistant and cringed at the power hitting Harry!!! YOU THE MAN!!.

Sensei Sat was very happy to step in, but was probably in the corner eating and having a water break!!! Every 5 mins!!!!

All in all the course was amazing and Sensei Sat would like to thank Sensei Lefevre for sharing his knowledge to all our students. Sensei Sat would also like to thank the following clubs who were invited Steve Groom (Hygendo), Mark Adams (Yamaguchi Goju Kai) and Paul Campbell (PC Academy), and all at Khalsa Karate!.

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