Junior Lefevre Summer Course 2009

View the videoMonday the 10th August saw Khalsa Karate squad travel to Belgium to train with World Kumite and European Kata Champion 6th Dan Junior Lefevre.

Also travelling with the squad was Jon Mottram (Ishin-Ryu), Michael Campbell, Tom Hickman, Richard, Tom and Haroon all from PC Academy (Paul Campbell Academy).

We all met at St Pancras Monday morning and arrived in good time at Belgium to have a short rest, lunch and straight into training.

Monday's session like all the others was awesome and Sensei Lefevre wasted no time in putting us through our paces with one and half hours of kata, followed by one and half hours of kumite. All the squad stepped up to the challenge and even getting up at 5am, and travelling with a lot of luggage they all trained hard. After a lovely evening we went to our rooms to catch up on a good nights rest.

Tuesday started the same, with one half hours of kata techniques followed by Sensei teaching us Empi. We managed to take a 2 hour break before another 3 hour session of kumite techniques and fight offs, followed by another 45 mins to 1hr of individual kata.

Wednesday's training although based on techniques Sensei Lefevre showed the elements of speed and power and how it can be used in kata application. Wednesday's session was cut short as the squad wanted to see the funfair and the local attractions and what a night it turned out to be!!! After a great meal everyone hit the funfair and had a great evening!!! The kids had a great time and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!!! except the man who had his ponies stolen. For those who saw!!!! LOL

Thursday the squad were fit and raring to go and carried on where they left off with a hard 7 hour training session. This time sensei showed us the application and techniques of Unsu, followed by kumite and fight offs!!!! The evening meal we invited Sensei Junior and Siamara for a meal and drink with us.

Friday's session Sensei had a treat for himself NOT US!!! He felt as we had such a good week and had a lot of fun, but now was his fun time; he put us through our paces with 2 hours of stamina, plaumetrics, and stances!!! Although we all dreaded it we actually felt really good and everyone kept up with the training!!!

The weeks training was absolutely awesome I cannot thank Sensei Junior, Freddy, Siamara, Baby Marilya and the entire club, enough for treating us so well. The gratitude and kindness we received was unquestionable and the training was brilliant.

I would just like to thank Sensei Jon Mottram, Sensei Michael and all the PC Squad for travelling with us. It was truly an honour to have such wonderful people join us and we will be returning next year with a bigger and stronger squad!!!!!!!!!

My thanks also goes out to all the parents and students that helped make the trip possible, looking after the group and organising the week for us to all have a good time!!!

Sensei Sat.

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