This weekend saw Kira Munns Charlton our only competitor in this Local competition and Kira did not disappoint!!!!

Kira's cat was large approx 17 competitors aged between 12-15 which she was one of the youngest.

The first round was on points which Kira scored 21.4 from a very strong Bassai dai, which placed her in 2nd place to qualify for the second round which would be decided amongst the top 4 competitors on flags.

Kira was up against a strong Isinryu opponent, she chose Unsu as her second kata and won 2-1 to gain a well earned place in the final.

Now reaching the final Kira's opponent was a strong well versed opponent from Ishinryu who performed a superb Anan. Kira decided to go with her strongest kata Bassai dai again and produced her best performance in competition to date, but lost 3-0 to take silver in a strong competition.

Kira has worked really hard this year to close the gap on the top competitors in her category, she really deserved this success, well done.

Sensei Sat commented "Kira's result was not surprising as she just gets better and better. Her hard work is finally paying off. Fantastic result. WELL DONE KIRA!!!"

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