TKA Greater Open London International

TKA Greater Open London International3 Competitors 3 Gold's and1 Silver

As the year and competitions come near to end, Khalsa Karate had another fabulous result taking 3 competitors and 4 medals.

The MAXIMUM we could have medalled was 3 Golds and that's exactly what we got.

First up was Bleu in the Kata category, producing an amazing result of 22.1 with a superb Annan. Two of the 3 judges scored an amazing 7.5 each and third judge scoring 7.1, giving Bleu Gold against a very powerful opponent from Ishing-ryu, who medalled silver.

Next up was Bleu and Cuba in kumite. Cuba was up first and took first fight 8-0, leaving his opponent stunned. Bleu went like Cuba and scored a fantastic 8-0 as well with 2 successive kicks to the head. Next round cuba fought a tight fight with a very scrappy fighter however took the 1 point required to win. Bleu was then up against a tough opponent however again took the win easily.

Cuba's third fighter was very a tough fight, and Cuba with 10 seconds left was down 4-7 however pulled out a fabulous hook kick levelling the score 7-7. Going into overtime Cuba showed his class and held his nerve taking 2 lighting gyaks to win the semi 2-0, taking him to the final.

Bleus semi final was against a very tough opponent however our game plan worked perfectly and bleu played his opponent out of reaching the final winning 5-4.

Both boys met in the final and it was bleu that took the lead. Cuba just couldn't find his range. Cuba like his quarters pulled out an over the top to level the match and took two gyaks off bleu in overtime. Cuba took Gold and Bleu silver.

Last up was Sophie, who had a very tough fighter who just came of the other mat, securing a medal. Again Sophie like cuba's quarters was loosing 7-4 and scored a great hook kick in the dying seconds and winning with 2 gyaks in overtime.

Sophies second fight was very scrappy more so by the other fighter who just kept running forward and pushing rather than fighting. Sophie managed to take the win 1-0, however made the fight hard for herself.

Reaching the final she met a strong Fallon Rayman who took the fight to Sophie and took the first 3 points. Sophie clawed back and levelled up in the dying seconds. Sophie then took the win by a fast gyak to the head winning gold 5-4.

Sensei Sat said "The team of three all did as expected and kept their cool. Even when down and out and losing the team kept their head on and pulled out the results. The spirit and determination was awesome!!! They showed quality and attitude taking maximum results. I am very proud of what was achieved today, everyone done as required and I couldn't have asked for more. WELL DONE TEAM!!! Including best supporter SUMMER!!"

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