USA British Open Karate Championships

6 Competitors – 4 Golds, 2 Silvers, 2 Bronzes

Sunday 17th May saw half the squad representing Khalsa Karate at Paul Campbell's USA British Open Championships.

With only 6 competitors the squad almost achieved the maximum scores possible with everyone winning their categories and everyone medalling.

First up was Mitchell Turner who performed Bassai Dai and after the flags were raised the 3-0 score took him safely into the second round. A solid Unsu taking all three flags took him into the final without dropping a point. The final set him against his team mate, Bleu Parris. Mitchell performed a fantastic Bassai Dai as a repeat kata but lost out 0-3 to his opponents strong Annan. Mitchell walked away with the silver. Sensei Sat said he was very proud of Mitchell's achievements and commented that his hard work is slowly paying off which is evident by his results in the last two comps. Well done Mitch great result!!!!!!!!

Next up was Summer Parris who has medalled in the last couple of comps and again reached the semis with superb Bassai Dai winning 3-0, a polished Seienchin scored 2-1and secured a place in the semis. This saw her pitted against her youngest brother, Bleu, and she lost out to him 0-3. However, she still had a chance of the bronze and repeated her Bassai Dai in the fight off's earning her 0-3 and the Bronze. Sensei Sat said Summer is very talented and naturally gifted and her ability to perform as and when required is amazing. She is going from strength to strength!!!! Awesome result well done Summer!!!!!!!!!!

Last in the kata section was Bleu Parris who showed his true class and performed Bassai Dai, Seienchin & Unshu without dropping a flag to reach the final. There he met his team mate, Mitchell, knowing that he would need to produce something special he did not disappoint and performed Annan against his apponents Bassai Dai. Bleu performed his kata precisely and took the final 3-0 taking Gold. Sensei Sat said Bleu has medalled in every comp this year, bar one and taking either Gold or Silver shows that he is a class above others!!!! Well done Bleu.


Next was team boys from 10-12 any belt and height. Khalsa entered a last minute team and first up was Cuba against another fast 10 year old. Cuba dominated the fight until he lost to a few warnings however stepped it up and took the win 6-4. Next up was Bleu who like his brother stepped on the mat with a very aggressive attitude against a tall 12 year old and took the first 3 points with a gyak and round house to the back. Then Bleu relaxed and started losing a couple of points. This angered Bleu and he turned up the heat taking the next four points and winning 7-2 against a kid 2 years older, taller and higher belt than him!!!! Last up was Mitchell who doesn't fight a lot and was still prepared to get up and fight. Unfortunately he didn't get to fight however showed the courage to stand up and fight and Khalsa took again maximum points and another Gold!!!!

Now was the individual fighting and first up was Cuba Parris. Cuba managed to get a bye first round and straight to the semi's. In the semis Cuba fought a feisty little competitor however cubas speed and lighting gyaks were just electrifying!!! Taking the win 10-2. Next Cuba met his brother in the final.

Bleu was up next and again followed his attitude from one mat to the other and took the first round easily 8-0 dictating his opponent. The second fight was against a much bigger boy where Bleu took the intiative and again took the fight to his opponent and again overpowered him with a 9-1 win.

Now both boys were in the final and it was bleu that came out the more aggressive however his older brother cuba's defence that worked and cuba took the lead 2-1. It wasn't till the last 30 seconds that bleu started to gain the upper hand in pressuring his brother however cuba was very sharp and waited for his opportunity to pick bleu off taking another two points and winning 4-1. Sensei Sat said he is very very proud of the boys especially when they have worked so hard!!! All the things we are working on are now starting slowly to filter through and we still haven't seen maximum potential !!!!! Awesome performance boys!!!! Well done AGAIN MAXIMUM POINTS.

Next was Pat McDonagh who was up is only a small 14 year old against some very tall 15 years olds. Patrick's first round was a bye and he reached the quarters. In the quarters he came up against a very strong and big 15 year old who had just won his last fight. Patrick picked him off with his trade mark over the top, and taking the win 2-0. Next up was a very talented string 15 year old that showed pure class. He beat Pat with by only 2 gyaks and but Patrick lost another 2 from warnings. Although pat lost in the final he showed pure class and managed to lose by only 2 points. This opponent went on the reach the final in the cadets so for pat to give him such a hard time was truly awesome. Sensei Sat said I have seen pat fight in many comps but today he showed true heart in a bigger and much harder category and showed hes amongst the best if he puts more power in!!!! Great result Pat!!!!

Last up was Sophie who was in a large 12 -15 category. Being only 13 this was a big challenge and Sophie went out of the blocks in awesome fashion taking the first fight 8-0, second 12-4, semis 8-0 and reaching the final. In the final sophie met a very talented girl and if truth be told the other girl looked the favourite. Our opponent dominated the fight taking the first 5 points. Sophie then managed to pull 5 points back then lost a couple leaving the score 5-7 with one minute to go. Sophie took the fight to her opponent with nothing to loose scored 2 fantastic roundhouses to the stomach and put the fight 9-7 ahead. The girl came back strong but sophie kept her cool and scored over the top taking the win 10-7 and the gold. Another great result giving sophie 38 points scored by her in 4 fights shows she has all the class to be a champion!!! Great result Sophie!!!!!!!

Sensei Sat said the kids couldn't have performed any better than what they did today. The maximum points that we could have got was 5 golds 2 silvers and a bronze and we came away with 4 Golds 2 Silvers and 2 bronzes!!! The team with half at another comp carried on their duties as planned and won everything in a very clear and methodical manner. It was almost as though the squad had their targets set and wouldn't settle for anything less and they did not disappoint.

The competition was superbly run and well judged which made the comp all the more pleasurable and we will definitely be planning a return!!!


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