Yamaguchi Goju Kai Competition - 28th June 2009

7 Competitors – 2 Golds 1 Silver

Sunday 28th June saw a small select team fight in the local Yamaguchi Kumite Competition held at Grays by Yamaguchi Goju-Kai.

This was a good chance for some of the junior squad to home their fighting techniques on some good standard competitors.

First up was Aidan McMillan for whom this was his second comp ever and produced a good result taking his opponent to a draw 2-2. Aidan went into overtime and was picked off by two gyaks and finally lost 2-4. Sensei Sat commented Aidan done very well and done all the right things but just couldn't finish his opponent when he had the chance but performed with good spirit. As he has just joined the kumite squad he has a lot to learn however has the potential to exceed. Well done Aidan.

Next up was Luke who is in the kata squad and decided to have a go at kumite and although he specialises in kata produced a very good result. Luke was down 0-2 and managed to pull the fight back to 2-2. He then stepped off the power and allowed his opponent to have space and attack and finally lost 2-4. Sensei Sat said Luke should be proud of his performance and could have been in medal contention. Keep up the good work and perseverance!!! Well done Luke!!!!

Next up was Kira who again is in the kata squad, however always has a good go at kumite. Kira is a very strong willed fighter and certainly took the attack to the boy. Unfortunately due to bad judging no warnings were given to the opponent. Although the boy won 4-2, Kira had dislocated her index finger and had to go to hospital so couldn't fight even if she won. Sensei Sat said Kira has heart of a lion and will never give up. She was hurt and still fought. The judging on that mat was terrible to allow that to happen!! Well done Kira!!!!

Next up was Franny who attacked like a bat out of hell. She attacked her opponent so aggressively the boy didn't stand much of a chance. She took the win straight 8-0. She then fought Bleu in the final.

Bleu was fighting kiras opponent and went out with a blistering attack. He took the first 3-0 points, but then let 2 gyaks in. Now 3-2 ahead he stepped up the pace and scored a hook kick and although he took a knock on the face won 7-2. The final was against Bleu and Franny and both went in head on. Franny went with her trade mark attack and got picked off by bleu. Being 1-4 down Franny went all out and went for a big head kick but just got picked off. Bleu took the gold and Franny Silver. Sensei Sat said it was a shame that Kira wasn't there to collect a medal but both Franny and Bleu beat the others for her and the team got gold and silver!!! Well done Kira, Franny and Bleu!!!!

On Area 2 was Cuba who was on fire and took his first opponent out 8-0. His second was equally as good and his timing was awesome and again took the fight 7-1. His final was against a good fighter but cuba stepped up a gear and took it to another level winning by a clear 7 points. Sensei Sat said cuba fought awesome today and delivered on every attack. He listened well, understood and showed he was a class above the others!!!. Well done Cuba!!!!

Last up was Elle. Elle has been working really hard lately on her fighting and produced a good start taking the first 3-1.She attacked very positively however got caught with a couple kicks to the mid section causing her to lose 6 points from 3 kicks. With nothing to lose Elle attacked and unfortunately lost 2 more points to gyaks, finally losing 9-3. Sensei Sat this was a shame because Elle had a great start very positive and very aggressive. She done all the right things. Her weakness is what let her opponent score but she will learn from this and push on again. I have faith in Elle and she will prevail!!!! She like her little sis have great will power and belief and time will get them the results they deserve.

Sensei Sat said overall I was very impressed. Some things we have worked on worked, and some didn't but we will hit the drawing board and work on them to get the right result.

Sensei Sat said the team were professional as always and I will never give up on them to succeed nor the team to the club!!! WELL DONE ALL. VERY PROUD OF YOU ALL!!!

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