Yamaguchi Goju Kai Competition 2009

2 Bronzes and 2 Golds

Sunday the 8th March, Khalsa Karate's junior kata squad competed in the Yamaguchi Goju Kai, organised by Mark Adams.

The day started with a display from 3 very talented, karate-ka's which included our very own Rachel Newey who performed a very strong Bassai Dai, alongside Lauren Adams who performed Super-empi. Both girls looked awesome which hopefully will encourage some of the youngsters.

Back to the juniors and first up was Francesa Hardcastle whom this was probably her 3rd comp and 1st for the flag system. Franny was up first and performed a very strong Bassai Dai. Her hard work is definitely paying off as she took a 3-0 win. Second round Franny went in Nai – hanchi and unfortunately lost 0-3 to the eventual winner. A great start for the team. Well done Franny!!!

Next was Sean McNamee for whom this is his 1st time and won first round 3-0 with an awesome bassai. Sean went on to take 2nd, 3rd and 4th all with 3-0 wins taking gold!!!! Awesome result considering he's just turned 6!!!

Summer Parris and Mitchell Turner were next up. Summer performed a fantastic Bassai dai and just lost 2-1, to a very strong opponent who went on on to win. For Mitchell this was again like the others a 1st kata performance and took first round with Bassai 3-0. Second round was against the eventual winner and Mitchell performed Sandan and unfortunately lost 0-3 however took bronze. Well done guys this was a tough category and both excelled in their performance.

Next up was Luke and Kira. Luke has been working very hard on his Bassai and it showed taking a fantastic 3-0 win first round., which put him into the semi's. His second kata was unsu and although strong, lost 0-3, giving Luke bronze medal. For Kira this was her first kata comp and kira determination is definitely paying off! Kira took first round 3-0 with a strong bassai dai. Second round kira went in with unsu and although it weren't as strong as her first round she won 2-1. Kira upped her quality and won both semi and final 3-0, 3-0 taking a superb gold!!! Well done luke and Kira superb performance.

Next was Bleu Parris and Jack Newey. Bleu was up first and was competing in a very tough category. Bleu performed a superb Bassai taking first round 3-0 against a very determined opponent. His second round was against another tough opponent and although his performance was good he was eventually disqualified for breathing to hard and too long pauses. Nevertheless Bleu commitment and resilience will just strive to make him stronger. Jack Newey was on the main mat and was in a strong category. Jack has been working very hard on Bassai Dai and this showed with a superb 5-0 win. Jacks second round was against a much taller and stronger opponent. Jack performed sei-unshin and so did his opponent. The round was very hard to call and should have been a 3-2 either way however the result was 1-4. Jack can always produce the goods on his day and this was a good experience leading up to the major comps. Well done to both Bleu and Jack for there performances!!!

Sensei Sat commented this was a first comp that the junior squad entered with flags system. Sat commented the standard was very high on the day and Khalsa Karate was up there with the best taking 2 bronzes and 2 golds, from a team of 8. Sensei Sat thought the team behaved exceptional and would like to thank them all for the hard work they are putting in, because the results are now showing. Sensei would like to say a very special thank you to both Rachel and Jack whom coached the kids and warmed them up. Both Rachel and Jack are a real inspiration to the juniors, and their support to the juniors is exceptional. Thank you again to everyone for a fantastic day and fantastic results!!!!!

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