EKF National Championships, Ponds Forge, April 2010

The weekend of the 24th and 25th April 2010 saw the long awaited English National Championships. This being one of the most prestigious and prolific karate events in England's calendar saw an encouraging turnout by competitors at grass roots level to current A Squad athletes and England Squad members.

This was the third EKF National Championships to be held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield but the first to be organised by Mr Paul Campbell EKF Events Organiser, who must be complimented on his smooth running of the event and fluidity of each of the categories.

Day 1 was devoted entirely to all under 14 years of age, apart from the Kata categories which extended to Juniors, Cadets, Seniors and teams. For the younger age groups kumite was to take place also on this day.

Most of the categories saw large groups with some inspiring individual kata displays and team bunkais. Whilst the kumite bouts saw some outstanding performances from across the age groups. Most competitors had to show sheer determination to make it through to the semi-final stages and nearly all had to progress through 5 rounds in both forms to reach medal positions.

For Khalsa we had an albeit small squad but nevertheless we aimed to bring back our full quota of medals as we battled it out on the mats. Representing us in the kata categories we had Jack Newey in the Boys 14-15yrs, Bleu Parris in the Boys 10-13yrs and Kira Munns Charlton in the Girls 10-13yrs.

Both Bleu and Kira faced large groups and some tough opposition especially due to the relatively vast age range in these particular categories. Kira was up first and won her first round with a good Bassai Dai, unfortunately this was not to continue in her second round as she lost 3-0 to a faster and sharper opponents Supa Empi against her Saipai.

Bleu was up next and with some very fierce and sharp opponents in his category he went in first round with a strong Bassai Dai winning all three flags. Again, like Kira, Bleu lost his second round with his performance of Unshu ,which although looked good, resulted in a 2-1 split decision against.

Jack was our last hope of a kata medallist and was a definite favourite to reach the finals but again it wasn't to be and he lost in the second round to the silver medallist. This gave Jack the chance of repercharge where he didn't disappoint and performed some very sharp katas, especially Supa Empi which looked superb, these performances earned Jack a Bronze medal and our first one of the day for the Khalsa squad.

It was then on to the kumite and fighting for the National Champion position in each of their categories were twin brothers Cuba and Bleu Parris. Bleu competed first in the 10-11yrs plus 37.5kg category. Bleu wasted no time in getting big point margins in his favour with some lovely kicks and his strong gyaks he proved a force to be reckoned with. He completed five rounds but had to work hard as the referees were very strict with the no contact rule. Bleu ended up giving a few points away for this and in his last two fights had to get back the points he had given his opponent. He kept his composure and proved his worth as he won the final claiming back the points. Bleu became our first English National Champion of the day! Well done Bleu!

Next up was Cuba who was also in the Boys 10-11yrs but in the lighter weight category of the minus 37.5kg. He too had 5 difficult rounds again due to the no contact rule. Any points against Cuba were only given away due to warnings as Cuba proved too fast and agile for any of his opponents. He gave a great display of techniques and reached the final with ease, where again he outclassed his opponent with his skill and claimed the second English National Champion of the day for Khalsa. Cuba was also awarded Kumite Competitor of the Day which was a new category introduced this year. This category was an award given for the most outstanding Under 13 yr fighter of the day which was chosen and presented by England National Coach Wayne Otto OBE. Congratulations to him on the well deserved award.

Rounding off the first day of events were the Boys 10-11yr Team which consisted of Cuba and Bleu Parris and association team mate Sam Tester. Yet again the three boys swept through the rounds claiming Khalsa and Toyakwai another Gold to the medal tally. A superb end to Day One.

Day Two saw Khalsa's sole competitor Sophie Santillo who was fighting in the Girls 14-15yrs age category. Sophie had recently been asked as an invited athlete to attend the England A squad sessions as she has proved herself a worthy fighter on many an occasion. As this was an important competiton for Sophie she gave it her all in her first round but the odds were against her with the referees constantly giving her warning points which resulted in a debatable disqualification. Nevertheless Sophie didn't remain downhearted for long as she joined the Toyakwai Girls Team where they earned themselves a Bronze medal. Well done to all our competitors over the two day event, you are a credit to your association and club.

Both the National Coach Wayne Otto OBE and the assistant national coaches Ian Cole, Greg Francis and Juliet Toney were in attendance alongside National Kata Coach Jon Mottram who also competed in his respective category. They were not only there to monitor progress and results but to also award medals to the winners and to present the new category introduced this year of Competitor of the Day.

There was an award for Kata chosen and awarded by Jon Mottram and one for kumite chosen and awarded by Wayne Otto OBE. This was an inspirational incentive to younger competitors who showed their talent and determination on the mats.

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