EKF Regional Championships

Khalsa Karate had four competitors in the kata events and we managed to come home with 5 medals – four gold and a silver!

Although the low entries in each category were disappointing, the Southern Region had by far the greatest numbers and the standard was high. However it did mean that our squad only had to perform a maximum of three katas (less for Rachel) and no compulsory rounds were required.

In the 10 to 13 years Boys Kata, Bleu Parris was on top form and won gold without dropping a flag. He made his mark in the first round with Unshu, moving onto an impressive anan in the semis and finishing with an unbeatable Chatanyara in the final. Kira Munns Charlton had the most entrants in her category (Girls 10 – 13 years) and all were kata specialists. She started with a strong Bassai dai, winning 3-0 and a place in the semis where her saipei was rewarded with a 2-1 win. In the final. she unfortunately only had Sei-Unshin left and although she performed it well it was no match for the higher rated Anan from her opponent and she lost 0-3 but nevertheless took a well deserved silver.

Jack Newey faced all the England Kata A squad for his age group in his category Boys 14 – 15 years. His recent training paid off as he put in three impressive performances starting with Anan (won 3-0), following with Chatanyara (won 3-0) and then his favourite super-empi in the final which he won 2-1.

For Rachel Newey, this was the first major individual competition for several months as she had been focusing on team Kata for the England squad. She had entered the Girls 16 – 17 years Kata and also, for some experience, the Female Seniors 16 year plus. Unfortunately there were only four entrants in the first group, although all are in the national A squad and so this meant only two rounds. Rachel performed super Empi followed by Chatanyara winning both rounds 2-1 to take the gold. In the Seniors there were only 2 competitors! This time Rachel tried out her Anan and again won 2-1 for another gold medal.

Sunday 21st March saw the second day of the Regional Championships, it was extremely busy with a high standard of competition throughout all of the Kumite categories as everyone from 10 yrs and above competed on the same day. The day started promptly with the 10-11 yr categories up first. We had only three remaining squad members left to compete for Khalsa so it was up to them to try and bring back the medals.

First up was Bleu Parris competing on the Southern Regional mat in the Boys 10-11yr plus 37.5kg weight category. Bleu faced some tough opposition throughout but received a bye in the first round enabling him to watch his opponents tactics throughout the fights before him.
Bleu's second round saw him against an opponent from his own association Toyakwai but Bleu threw some fantastic gyaks and a hook kick giving him a comfortable lead. The fight ended 6-1 to Bleu , where he only conceded a point which was given away by a warning for contact.
Bleu made it to the final where again he met with another opponent from his own association.

However, Bleu made short work of the fight and claimed the title of Southern Regional Champion in his category after winning 8-0. Well done Bleu!

Next up was Cuba Parris who also fought in the 10-11 yrs category but in the minus 37.5kg weight category. Cuba also had three rounds and showed his sheer class of fighting in every round with scores of 8-0, 8-0 and then in the final 6-3 where he only lost the 3 points to warnings for contact.

Cuba also became Southern Regional Champion in his category. Fantastic work boys!

Last up was Elle Munns-Charlton who competed in the Cadet Female 14-15yr category. Elle had some tough opposition throughout this category and unfortunately met Fallon in the first round where she lost 6-0. Elle fought bravely and with much determination and lost to the eventual finalist so should be proud of her performance . All three squad members performed brilliantly and ended the two day event with fantastic results.

Sensei Sat commented "The small squad absolutely excelled themselves and everyone can be very proud of their performances. It is such a pleasure as a coach to be head of top level students that perform magnificently both on and off the mats!! Well done everyone!!!"

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