Meopham Karate Open Championships 25th July 2010

Meopham Karate Open Championships 25th July 2010Sunday 25th July saw the last of the competitions before the long awaited Summer break. Despite the holidays starting, five Khalsa squad members made their journey to Kent to compete in this friendly and well organized competition before having a well deserved break!

The morning got off to a positive start with all the Kata categories. Franny Hardcastle, Luke Hardcastle and Bleu Parris were the three squad members who represented the club. Luke and Bleu were competing in the same category in the 8-11yr up to 1st Kyu and Franny was in the 12-15yr up to 1st Kyu category. At this competition the first round is decided on points and then the last two rounds are on a flags basis so it is vital to get maximum points in the first round to be able to progress through to the top four in the group. Luke was up first in the 8-11 yr group he performed a very precise Bassai Dai and earned the respectable score of 21. With this score it was hopeful that he would reach the final four but unfortunately he just missed out this time but he deserves much praise for always giving it 100% and always trying his best. Well done Luke! In the same category we also had Bleu Parris who also performed a very sharp Bassai Dai his score was 21.7 giving him the overall lead out of the 18 strong group. As Bleu had the top score of the group he automatically went into the top four where he had to perform another Kata. This time round he chose to do Annan which he executed perfectly and he gained all three flags.

Bleu ended up in the final,and although he did not need to do a different kata each round, he felt that by doing a different one he would get some practice in so decided upon Godeshiho. Once again Bleu showed that he was on top form today and won all three flags in the final to take Khalsa's first Gold of the day. Congratulations Bleu!

It was then Franny's turn to impress the judges with her katas and she did not disappoint. She faced another relatively large group and went in first round with Bassai Dai, her neat and elegant performance earned her a very good score of 21.2 and she too went through to the final four. Franny had decided to try out her newly learnt Kata , Annan. Although slightly apprehensive of her choice as it was a new kata to her she didn't need to worry as her performance earned her a 2-1 win through to the semi final. Again in the semi's Franny was going from strength to strength and performed another strong Bassai Dai which gave her a clear 3-0 win. She ended up in the final and again tried out her Annan which looked even better second time round but unfortunately could not get to that Gold position. However she earned a Silver for Khalsa and we are all very proud of her performances, keep it up Franny!

After a great start with the kata, it was then on to the Kumite categories. Fighting for Khalsa today was Sophie Santillo, Franny Hardcastle and Cuba and Bleu Parris. As the categories had been determined by height it meant that all of our competitors were either in the same category or some of the smallest especially as there was no age margin other than under 15 yr. The girls were up first and as the height was 4ft8-5ft2 Franny and Sophie found themselves in the same group despite an age gap of two years. However both girls knew at some point they would eventually meet should they win their fights. Franny received a bye in the first round as the group was quite small so immediately got through to the semi final stages.

Sophie, however, had two fights to get to the final and in her first fight led by a clear margin of a 7-2 win. Sophie was on good form today and her next fight proved no different. She fought well and despite it going to extra time she managed to get another clear points margin with the final score being 7-4 to Sophie. Franny also proved her fighting ability today and scored 7-0 in the semi finals where she got to meet fellow squad member Sophie in the final. It was a very good fight from both girls and with a clear 5-0 win to Sophie but lots of effort as well from Franny they took both Silver and Gold at the podium for Khalsa. Well done to you both!!

Our final category of the day was the Boys Under 15 yr 4ft8-5ft2. Both Cuba and Bleu were in the same fighting category and they knew it would be tough as it was a large group with a lot bigger,older and tougher boys in there!! Cuba and Bleu wanted to experience fighting older and bigger opponents to help them learn and adapt in their fighting, so today was a good test for them. Up first was was Bleu and although the boy was a lot bigger than him Bleu did not allow that to deter him. He pulled out some lovely techniques and scored a 5-0 win in his first round. It was then Cuba's turn to get through his first round, which he did with ease and was technically perfect today giving him a thoroughly deserved 8-0 win. In round two Bleu faced a tough opponent but he was definitely firing on all cylinders today and after a textbook sweep giving him an immediate sanbon, he closed the fight with another 8-0 win. Cuba also had a clear score card with another 8-0 win also in his second round. Both boys progressed to the semi-final stages as there were two pools and they both lost in the end to a fellow association member who was 14 yr of age. Cuba lost to the opponent admirably in the semi's where he won a bronze and Bleu lost to him in the final where he took his second medal of the day but in Silver form this time. Being twins they also managed to gain the same scores in their losing fights 5-1 but their fights today were a cut above the rest and we at Khalsa are very proud of what you and the other squad members have all achieved today, you are a credit to your club and association. Congratulations to you all!!

Although Sensei Sat was on holiday he still managed to keep in touch and advise and congratulate via the wonders of his mobile phone!! He added ; As always I am very proud of my squad for flying the flag for Khalsa and their spirit and unity, as well as their hard work and talent, is why Khalsa is such a great club to run and be part of right now, thanks also to the ever supportive parents and a huge thank you to Steve Coleman for organizing such a welcoming and great event! Well done guys!!!

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