Meopham Invitational Kyu Grade Competition Saturday 18th September 2010

This weekend saw the very new Junior squad members compete for the very first time at the Meopham Invitational Kyu Grade Competiton. Khalsa Champions took a total of 10 students ranging from 5 to 12 years, amongst these were 3 very accomplished competitors in the squad they were Cuba and Bleu Parris and Franny Hardcastle.

As this was a Kyu Grade competition anyone up to 1st Kyu was allowed to enter from tots to seniors!

Recently Sensei Sat has been working very hard in training focusing on the young juniors who are looking to be permanent squad members for Khalsa Champions and hopefully the future of our club.

Our newest squad members who joined us on Saturday were Jujhar Sehra, Josh and Tom Dugsdale, Junior Williams, Noah Allen, Katie Lancaster, Adam Bhaji and also Franny, Cuba and Bleu!! England A Squad member Sophie Santillo also attended to help coach and warm up the youngsters.

First up was the Kata. As this was only a small tournament there was only one category split in to Kyu grade and age and this was Pairs Kata. Cuba and Bleu Parris, who normally do not do Pairs together, decided at the last minute to enter this category with just a few hours of practise the night before. Despite their lack of practise and the fact that Cuba never usually competes in Kata, they did amazingly well and after 3 rounds with Bassai Dai and Seinchin, they scooped the Gold medal, a good start to the day with our first Gold for Khalsa Champions!
It was then on to our Kumite categories and it went in lowest kyu grade and age first. This meant, Sat's very own 5 year old son, Jujhar made his debut on the mat. Being a 10th Kyu and the very youngest there Jujhar was a complete novice to this but for his age did remarkably well. He certainly held his own and really pulled out his gyaks despite his opponent,being a couple of years older and a bit stronger, winning the first fight. Sensei Sat was convinced that some of his gyaks scored,and everyone at Khalsa was very proud and enjoyed watching Jujhars very first fight!! Well done Jujhar!

Josh Dugsdale was up next and again this was his first ever competiton and at 6 years old and an 8th Kyu, Josh fought really well, trying to remember all that Sensei Sat had taught him and using his techniques to the best of his ability he really worked hard. He exited early on, but we are sure next time he will definitely do well. Great effort Josh!

Next up in the girls section was Katie Lancaster. Katie who is 10 and an 8th Kyu has been showing real promise in lessons lately and Sensei Sat really wanted her to have a go in this particular competition. Katie certainly did that and despite the lack of numbers in her category went on to win Khalsa Champions second Gold of the day, not bad for your first competition Katie!! Well done from all of us.

Back to the boys and it was now the turn of Noah Allen, who being 8 years old and a 7th Kyu,also wanted to show his talent on the mat in his first ever competition. Noah did a fantastic job in his fights and this earned him a Silver medal, another squad member with huge potential. Well done Noah!!

Junior Williams was next on the mat and he too was one of Sensei Sat's newest recruits, he is only a 7th Kyu and at 7 years old performed exceedingly well for his first ever tournament, this effort earned Junior a Bronze in his first ever time fighting, so congratulations to him also.
We then had Franny Hardcastle who competed in the girls 3rd to 1st Kyu category and she didn't disappoint. Although Franny is more experienced than our younger squad members, she made light work of all her opponents showing a perfect amount of aggression and some lovely techniques. She swept through to the final to gain herself a Gold medal and another perfect performance from Khalsa Champions! Congratulations Franny!! Well deserved.

It was back to the boys after Franny and all in the same category we had Tom Dugsdale, 9 years old, and twin brothers Cuba and Bleu Parris who are 11. All boys are 2nd Kyu and were put in the same fighting category due to the fact that this competition determined its categories by height. This was going to be a tough one for Tom, especially being his first ever competition but he didn't let that put him off and fought bravely as he tried to get past that very hard first round. He showed a lot of promise and although exited early on tried his very best on the day. Well done Tom, keep it up!

It was then down to Cuba and Bleu Parris to win some medals for us in this category and they did just that and after some exciting and technique perfect fights, they ended up in the final together with a very close score of 4-3 to Bleu this time round. Cuba settled for the Silver, whilst Bleu took the Gold, some more great performances boys-you are going from strength to strength!

Our very last competitor of the day was Adam Bhaji who was one of our oldest competitors on the day and fought in the next height bracket up from the twins and Tom. This was only Adam's second time on the mat and yet again had some tough opponents but he gave it his all but unfortunately this time it was not meant to be for him, however we hope that he came away from it enjoying the experience. Well done for your efforts Adam!

All in all it was a very successful start to the new Junior squad competing and with a medal tally of 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze we should all be very proud of their achievements on the day. A very special thank you goes to Sophie Santillo who gave up her time to help coach the Juniors on the day and show her support to the squad, thank you very much Sophie, much appreciated! Also to Steve Coleman for hosting the event and showing his hospitality, and all our friends at Meopham. It was nice to have a great new squad and Khalsa Champions is certainly a great club to be part of right now.

Sensei Sat commented "With a small squad in attendance and for some their first taste of competition I was very impressed with the quality, determination and attitude the whole junior squad showed. The Junior A squad showed the quality they always do, and it was great to see the new squad members follow in their footsteps. I would just like to thank all the parents for supporting each other, the A squad for guiding the juniors, and Sophie Santillo for coaching. Great Morale, Great Results, Great Teamwork. Well done everyone!!!!"

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