Seni 2010


Sunday 30th May saw Khalsa Karate attend the Greater International London held at the SENI Excel centre.

The day started with kata squad competing first, of which three of our kata members were in the same category. First competitor up was Bleu Parris who performed a new kata for the first time and scoring 7.1,7.1,7.0. Next was Fran Hardcastle who went in Bassai and scored a medal position 6.9,6.9,6.9, until brother Luke Hardcastle performed Bassai and scored 6.7,7.0,7.0. This meant Bleu was guaranteed a Silver and both Fran and Luke had to battle for bronze. Although Luke performed a very good Unsu, however Fran edged the win taking bronze.

Next up was Kira Munns Charlton who entered two categories. Scoring 7.3,7.4,7.4 with Annan taking Silver in her category and then scoring 7.2,7.2,7.2 with Annan again in the next category taking a bronze.

Sensei Sat said kata team performed very well and are improving every competition.

Next up was the kumite squad and first up was Cuba and Bleu in the same category. Bleu took all three rounds 8-4, 8-1 and 5-3 to reach the final of the top pool. Brother Cuba took had three fights back to back. The first taking 8-0, 4-0,1-0 and reaching the bottom half of the pool. Both brothers had there best fight in the final and although the result was 5-1 to Cuba the fight itself was much closer than scoreline shows with Cuba taking Gold and Bleu taking Silver.

Next up was Fran hardcastle who won both her first two fights 7-0 and 3-0 to reach the final. The final Franny took her opponent out very strongly, showing some of her old self with a 4-0 win taking Gold.

Last up was Sophie Santillo who scored very early with a superb hook kick taking the first round 4-2 and second 3-0 reaching the final. The final was a really good fight and Sophie took the Gold winning 5-2.

Sensei Sat said the fighters excelled as did the kata, and it was great to see some good techniques from all the fighters.

"All in all today's result shows the club continues to have the quality and class to beat any club, and the students continued hard work continues to be rewarded by the medal tally. Well done everyone !!"

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