SKA Kumite Open Sunday 21st November 2010

SKA Kumite Open Sunday 21st November 20102 Bronzes and 2 Golds

Sunday 21st November saw six Khalsa Champions squad members travel to the very local town of Croydon in Surrey to compete in SKA's first ever competition-the SKA Kumite Open.

We had a varied range of ages in squad members, from 8-15yrs. These consisted of Ivan Sheikh, Noah Allen, Junior Williams, Cuba Parris, Bleu Parris and Sophie Santillo. As this was kumite only it was run on the basis of the youngest would compete first. Up first was Noah Allen who competed in the 4-9yrs 9th-7th Kyu -25kg mixed category. Noah has only ever competed once before at a small invitational competition back in September where he medaled for the first time. Noah received a bye in the first round but in his second round gained a great score of 7-3 and then straight into the final where he won by 7-1 earning him and Khalsa our first Gold of the day, well done Noah you are going from strength to strength.

We then had two competitors, Junior Williams and Ivan Sheikh, in the same category of 4-9yrs 6th-4th Kyu -35kg mixed. Junior stepped up to the mat first and despite a great effort he just couldn't match his opponents speed and aggression, leaving him exiting in the first round with a respectable score of 7-4. Again this was Juniors second time competing and he did remarkably well for his second competiton, we are sure with time he will develop into a worthy kumite competitor.

In the same category was Ivan Sheikh. Ivan stepped onto the mat looking confident and ready for action and he showed some fantastic aggression and was continually on top of his opponents, not wanting to miss a point. He managed to progress through three rounds with scores of 4-3, 6-0 and only lost in the third round with a score of 8-4 against. However he did gain a place to fight in the repercharge where he earned his first ever Bronze medal , which is a great achievement at your first ever competition. Well done Ivan, a fantastic debut appearance.

We then moved on to our more seasoned competitors and first up was Sophie Santillo. Sophie, who is a current A squad member on the England squad, only had two other girls in her category so it was decided that they would perform a round robin. Sophie was on top form today and despite only having to fight twice to gain a Gold, she performed magnificently and her scores showed that with her first being 8-0 and then 10-1 in the final. Our second Gold of the day! Fantastic Sophie, you are looking like the fighter that we all believe you can be.
We then moved on to our last two competitors of the day twin brothers Cuba and Bleu Parris. Cuba was competing in the Boys 10-13yrs -45kg and Bleu in the Boys 10-13yrs plus 45kg, which meant both boys would be in separate categories. Bleu was up first to fight and showed true class today with some very clean techniques and went through three rounds with scores of 9-0, 8-2 and then the final where he really had to pull out all the stops against a very good fighter. It ended with a nail biting 11-10 score to Bleu where he really did earn every point and that Gold medal. Well done Bleu, your determination and self belief saw you through to get that all important Gold.
Lastly, but definitely not least , Cuba approached the mat hoping to match his twins achievement. Cuba also fought exceptionally well today and breezed through his rounds with scores of 8-0, 6-3, 5-2 and in the all important final a clear 9-0 win to take another well earned Gold, it was nice to see him attempting sweeps and different techniques which took him out of his comfort zone, well done Cuba another brilliant result.

It was a very productive day and we would like to thank SKA for their kind invitation to their friendly competition, especially Andrew Michaelides who was very helpful and accommodating throughout the event and a big thank you to him also for organizing the competition. We would also like to thank all the parents and supporters on the day who provided lifts, food etc and also to our coach for the day Paul Abel aka Coach Bernard who did another great job of coaching the squad and encouraging everyone.
Sensei Sat commented "A great result this weekend was achieved by the whole squad, from the juniors to the A squad. The A squad again confirmed why they are a class act and great to see the juniors following in their footsteps!!! Well done to everyone this weekend for supporting, Coaches Nigel and Paul for doing a fantastic job and lastly to the whole squad. WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!"

Well done Khalsa Champions!!!

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