TKA Greater Open Championships London February 14th 2010

TKA Greater Open Championships London5 GOLDS, 2 SILVERS, 3 QUARTERS

What a great start to the new year, and Khalsa Karate started off exactly where they left off last year.

With only 9 members competing Khalsa Karate's overall tally was 5 Golds, and 2 Silvers 3 4th places.

First up was the Kata squad. And up first was Bleu Parris, performing Chatnayra Kushanku and scored a fantastic 22.5. The Kata was so well performed that Bleu was up 0.7 points on his nearest rival, taking GOLD.

Next up was Mitchell Turner who performed a very good Bassai Dai, and took second place only to be knocked out by the last two competitors who notched Mitchell back to 4Th place scoring a very respectable 21.5.

Following the two good starts, next up was Kira Munns Charlton who performed a very tidy Bassai Dai and scored a fantastic 21.4 taking Silver Medal. This was a good performance against the favourite from Ishin-Ryu, who performed an equally good performance.

Three good starts followed a brilliant display from Khalsa Kata team performed by Rachel, Jack and Bleu with Kata Sei-Unshin. The team scored a very good score of 21.7 taking our second GOLD.

Finally with such a good start Bleu, Jack and Kira went all out and entered the open grade cup, whereby any age, any belt can compete from kids to adults. This category has some of the best Kata representatives, each showing an awesome display. First up was Bleu who performed Chatnayara Ku Shanku and scored a very high score of 21.5. At this point 5 competitors had competed and Bleu was in the lead. Next up was Kira Munns Charlton, who again performed a superb Bassai and scored a very good 21.0. Lastly was Jack Newey who entered on the day and performed an awesome Super-empi and took GOLD!!!

5 Kata representatives - 3 Golds 1 Silver 1 4Th Place. Sensei Sat commented "The Kata squad excelled themselves to a level today that i couldn't have wished for more.The Team performed brilliantly and all there hard work was rewarded with medals. I couldnt have been prouder! Well done guys!!! Big thanks to Rachel and Jack for looking after the whole squad!!".

Next up was the kumite squad and the boys in Bleu and Cuba were up first. First up was Cuba who made like work of his opponent and won 8.0. Next round was 7-0, Semi 6,1 to reach the finals. Brother Bleu like Cuba, had a great first round, and although it was close Bleu showed his quality and took the win 8-6, quarters won 7-2 and finally 8-5 to reach the final to meet Cuba. At this stage both brothers made light work of there opponents and now reach there hardest opponents, THEMSELVES!!! Both boys know each other so well, and tried different things to each win. However Cuba finally took the win by a close 3-1 win!

Sat said "both the boys were absolutely awesome in there fighting and they just seem to get better and better. I am so proud of there display and there attitude!! Well done boys!!"GOLD and SILVER.

Next up was Patrick and this was the first time Pat had competed for a while and truth be told Pat hadn't trained that hard due to exams, but performed awesome. This category is a very very hard category to win but Patrick won the first round against a guy who beat him last year. This pool's Quarter Final Pat met an Ishin-Ryu opponent and took the win 7-0 making light work to reach the semi-s. The next fight was very tough and his opponent was very good and Pat bowed out 6-2. Sensei Sat said "Pat hasn't worked hard of late but it didn't show and he looked so good. I am so proud of how he performed today considering the pressures of late. I just wished he continued his natural talent because he could be very very good!!! But a great start for him for the new year!"

Next up was Sophie who had a hard category and Soph won the first fight against a clean fighter, however her opponent was scrappy and showed no contact, causing a nose bleed,Sophie took the win 8-6. Next round was Chloe Cooper and Sophie fought well but couldn't get the range right. Sophie scored a couple of good points but not scored, causing Sophie to loose in the quarters. Sensei Sat said " On her day Sophie can beat anyone, but today she performed well but was given bad decisions and again range wasn't quite right. That said the scoreline definitely didn't show the true fight result but Chloe was the cleaner fighter. Good start and abit unlucky, but again i believe it will be her day soon!"

Last up was Fran although Fran won the first 8-0 she looked very stiff and nervous. Her second fight was much better and Fran's combinations were much faster and more productive and again took the win easily to reach the final. The final was scrappy and Fran produced another good but hard win to take GOLD!. Sensei Sat commented " Fran was very nervous and stiff and that showed in the first fight but she showed her class in the second. Fran on her day can be devastating but bearing in mind this is the first time she has competed in over 6 months it was a good result and a great start for the year. Well done Fran!"

Big well done to Sam Cannon from Ishin-Ryu and Fallon Rayman from British Wado-Kai both taking GOLD!!!

Overall Sensei Sat said he couldn't have been prouder of the squad and their hard work is rewarded by there performances medals or not!! Thank you to the whole team for supporting each other and the coaches Jack and Rachel and good to see Harry there ready to help out!!!


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