USA Open Championships Dudley - February 2010

USA Open Championships Dudley - February 2010This weekend saw a small team of 3 members walkin away with 3 Golds from a very busy and very tough Dudley Comp.

First up was Bleu Parris who had a very tough group of 48 competitors. First round Bleu won 2-1 with Bassai Dai against a higher kata in unshu. Second round was Unshu taking all 3 flags. Next round Bleu came up against a very sharp Super-empi however Bleus Annan was awesome and even though its lower Bleu took the win 2-1. Semi's Bleu performed sei-unshin taking all 3 flags to reach the final. Again Bleu came up against higher kata but Bleus Chatnayara Kushanku was much sharper and stronger against Super-empi and took all three flags to take GOLD!!

"This performance shows Bleus class. Three rounds he came against higher katas yet still beat his opponents well. His attitude was superb and quality was amazing. Class ACT!! well done!!!"

Bleu didnt have time to rest, as he was straight up for kumite and took his opponents apart taking first round 10-2. His second round was even better with 2 kicks straight to the head, taking 6 points within 20 seconds, and winning second round 8-0. His final was again very clean, sharp and was the aggressor and took his opponent apart 5-2 taking his second GOLD!!

All in all Bleu was excellent this weekend, his performance was very precise and clinical for both forms. WELL DONE BLEU!!!

Next up was Cuba Parris who had one of his most fustrating comps ever. The judging was so inconsistent and so damaging. However Bleu after being warned 3 times took the first win 10-3, followed by a precise 8-0. Having Reached the semi finals Cuba came up against a tough fighter and lost the first point, however stepped up another gear to take the win 10-5. The final showed Cubas class and he took total control beating his opponent 10-2 to take GOLD!! " This competition was mentally very frustrating for cuba but a good learning curve. His true class came through and his performance was awesome! WELL DONE CUBA!!

Last up was Sophie who had a bye first round. Her first opponent was very tough and sophie lost the first point. Being the aggressor sophie pushed hard and got her point back, to make it 1-1.The fight went into oevrtime and Sophie was 1 point ahead but lost it 5 seconds later causing another draw. The result then went to the judges decision, and judges decision went to our opponent. "This was a great fight and both fighters were very very aware of each others ability and the fight could have gone either way. The decision was very poor as sophie was the clear winner. She definately should have won.Great performance. WELL DONE SOPH!!!

All in all the small team were great and they performed awesome!!!! WELL DONE GUYS!!!

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