WKU Open Invitational Weston-Super-Mare 2nd May 2010

On Sunday 2nd May a very small squad from Khalsa Karate decided to participate at the WKU Open Invitational Competition in Weston-Super-Mare.

Representing the club were twin brothers Cuba and Bleu Parris who after achieving great success at last weeks English Nationals at Ponds Forge, were keen to get back on the mats and continue with their winning streak.

Bleu was up first in a very large category of 3rd-1st Kyu 10-15 yr Mixed. Bleu received a bye in the first round which allowed him to observe but still had four rounds to go if he was to make it to the final due to the size of the category. Bleu performed a very sharp Bassai Dai in the second round and won 3-0. He continued in this vein through the third round where he executed a clean Sein shin, again without dropping a flag. He made it to the semi -finals where he performed a good Unshu and won the judges over again with a 3-0 win. Bleu sailed through to the final where he came up against an older opponent but Bleu's precise Anan was enough to make him the overall winner of this category with a 2-1 split decision in his favour! Bleu claimed Khalsa's first Gold of the day.

It was then on to Kumite and both Cuba and Bleu were competing but in different weight categories.The category was 10-12 yr minus 45kg and plus 45 kg.

Cuba was up first and again showed his excellent skill in this large weight margin. Cuba's first two rounds proved an easy task where he scored 8-0 in the first round and 7-0 in the second. He reached the semi-finals where he gave away a few points for contact but managed to stay in the fight for the final with a 4-3 score to him. He again gave a clean fight in the final and din't allow his opponent to score a point. The fight ended 3-0. Another great success for Khalsa with the second Gold of the day from Cuba.

Bleu competed in the plus 45kg category and knew that this maybe tough against taller and heavier and possibly older opponents! But Bleu gave it his all despite losing lots of points for contact in the first round, he managed to pull through with a 5-4 win. He had already reached the final but again the judges were relentless and the slightest touch was penalised. Bleu again suffered for this and gave his opponent 3 out of the 2 points scored. He pulled out a lovely hook kick and managed to get an immediate sanbon but the time on the clock ran out and with further points awarded to his opponent that Bleu gave away to him he eventually had to settle for a Silver with a final score of 5-3 against. Well done to both Cuba and Bleu- you were fantastic representatives for Khalsa and yet again produced brilliant results!

Sensei Sat commented "It is great to see the boys competing without there coach present, who had a large grading back at the club. The results show and proves that the boys are maturing and starting to understand their own ability. This is a very hard task to compete without any support, however I would like to thank Nigel for coaching his boys and doing a very good job as they both came back with golds!!!! Well done Nige!!

Also Big thanks goes to Summer who supported the boys! We all at the club are very proud of the boys achievements today!!!"

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