BIKO Open Championships 2011

BIKO Open Championships 20114 Competitors 1 Gold and 3 Bronze.

On Sunday, 9th October, Khalsa Champions travelled to Cheshunt to compete in the BIKO Open Championship. The competition appeared at first to be lightly attended. However, by the time the Kumite started, most categories were filled out with some quality competition.
Our first competitor to take the mat was Noah Allen. As is normally the case, the young boys category was full, and had a variety of novice and experienced fighters in the ranks. Noah came out firing and fought a nice first and second round, winning with scores of 5-0 and 4-1. Noah then moved into the semi-finals full of confidence. Unfortunately, Noah suffered from a familiar pattern of warnings and ended up being disqualified for a series of excessive contact techniques and had to settle for the bronze. Very nice fighting Noah, but the lesson is there for you to learn!

Fallon was up next and drew a good, aggressive fighter. Her opponent opened with a pair warnings for contact, with a scoring technique sandwiched inbetween. This was followed by some 50-50 decisions that didn’t quite go our way, but we leveled on a further warning to the opponent. As a result, we went to extra time where a very cagey extra period resulted in a last technique going the other way and ending in a 0-1 final score. Fallon takes the bronze. Well done Fallon on your first tournament back after your lay-off!

Khalsa then had a nice bit of luck with Alexadra James being drawn into a small group of three. Unexpectedly the judges opted for the bracket format as opposed to a round-robin. As a result, Alex was ushered directly into the final with a bye. Alex showed some fantastic fight management, and went on to a very comfortable 2-0 win for the Gold. Although Alex only had to fight once, she was on top form and all impressions pointed towards a win regardless of the format chosen. Well done Alex, clear some space for another trophy!

After a long wait, Francesca Hardcastle’s category got under way. Fran had an extremely difficult group of fighters ahead of her. Fran fought hard and was sharp in her first round, winning in a fairly comfortable 2-0 affair. Fran then drew an older and bigger opponent in the semi-finals. Fran fought well and took a 2-0 lead, but was warned and lost a couple of scrappy points. The pattern continued and what looked like a manageable fight, ended up in a 3-5 loss and another bronze medal. Fran is breaking into a new category where she finds herself younger and smaller. As is the case with many of our students taking that step up, she has years to grow into this category. Fran’s skills are there to make her a winner. Well done Fran!

Sensei Sat commented: "This competition once again showed that the club are taking a high proportion of medals compared with the number of competitors. We went away with lessons to learn for most of our competitors. However, we must focus on the positives, that being four competitors coming away with four medals! Well done Squad, lets get back to the Dojo and keep moving forward!!"

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