Karate Master Class 2011

With English, British, Commonwealth, European and World Champions Natalie Williams, Alton Brown and Reece Taylor.

On Sunday, 28th August, two Khalsa Champions members, Sophie Santillo and Noah Allen, had the privilege of attending the 2011 Karate Master Class. The venue was Mulberry Sports & Leisure Centre in Tower Hamlets, London.

Karate Master Class 2011

The venue, as well as the hosts, were fantastic and made for a great day. Many of the approaches and techniques our competitors were drilled on were familiar techniques. However, it was nice for them to get a slightly different perspective and approach to these very important skills. Equally as nice, but not surprising, was that our club is focusing on the right techniques day in and day out!

However, there were not only new approaches, but also a few different skills that were practiced for our club members to take onboard. Sophie Santillo commented, "it was a brilliant session, the use of the three different types of gyak in scenarios really helped to make the drills more realistic". Sophie also went on to say, "the way the sweep was broken down really helped me to understand how to execute it properly".

From the sidelines, it appeared that there was a lot of focus on close quarters finishing and subtle scoring techniques. Also, there was a nice sequence on mis-direction techniques that the instructors felt was particularly effective in Kumite competition.

This was a great day with fantastic instruction. These competitors will surely benefit from their exposure to these instructors and the other competitors present.

Sensei Sat commented "This was a great opportunity for the squad to train from the best of the seniors and with members from other associations. It was unfortunate it was during the summer holidays when many were away but the two students that did go thoroughly enjoyed the day. A huge congratulations to the instructors and thanks to Sophie and Noah for representing the club! Looking forward to the next course!"

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