The Meopham Open Competition Sunday 16th October 2011

This weekend saw a Khalsa Champions squad of 9 compete at the Meopham Open competition. This was a fairly local competition for the squad to put into practice all their training after the summer break and assess the standard of the competition especially for the newer squad members.

First on the mat was Luca James in only his 2nd competition, who was by far the youngest and smallest in his category of boys under 4ft. In the first round Luca fought a much bigger and older boy, but was not fazed at all and fought aggressively to win 3-1. In the next round again he faced a bigger opponent but although he attacked constantly this time it wasn't to be and lost 0-2 but secured a bronze medal. Well done Luca your fighting was fantastic and you never gave up and you had the crowd behind you.

Next up was Josh Dugdale who was drawn against a very sturdy fighter. Josh started well taking a 2-0 lead but as the fight progressed it became scrappy with the fight ending 4-4, going to a minute of extra time with Josh eventually losing 0-3. Josh fought well against the eventual bronze medallist, again attacking and never giving up so well done Josh. Josh has not competed for a few months so keep up the training, perfecting your techniques and the medals will surely come.

Our next competitor was Rex Rhodes who was competing for the first time in one of the largest categories 4ft 4 – 4ft 9 novice to 6th kyu which was run on 2 mats. Rex fought very well looking sharp at the beginning but the fight became scrappy as he tired and he lost 0-1 to the eventual bronze medallist. Again Rex was not intimidated and strong in attack which stands him in good stead for future competitions so well done Rex.

The Meopham Open Competition Sunday 16th October 2011

Junior Williams and Thomas Dugdale were in the next category, 4ft 4 – 4ft 9 5th kyu to dan grade which was quite large and included some very strong competitors. Junior was up first and unfortunately succumbed to 2 good hook kicks losing 1-7 to the fighter that went on to win the silver. Junior looked good at times in the fight particularly when going forward aggressively and quickly to score his point but did not pressure his opponent enough to win the bout. Junior fought admirably in his first competition for a while so well done Junior keep up the training and the results will show. Thomas was up after Junior and fought a closely contested fight, initially taking a 2-0 lead with some good over the top gyaks, however after taking 3 hits to the face Thomas lost some of his focus on his techniques and the fight got scrappy with Thomas ultimately losing 3-4 to the fighter that went on to win the bronze. Thomas was unlucky to loose and showed some great skills so well done Thomas you are on the medal trail.

Next it was the girls turn with Kira and Natarliya in the same category and Fran fighting on the mat next to them. Kira was one of the youngest and more inexperienced girls in the category and although she fought well she lost 4-6 to a stronger girl who then went on win the silver medal. This was only Kira's 2nd competition and was a closely fought contest so once again very well done Kira all you need is a bit more competition experience. Next up was Natarliya who was the strongest and most aggressive fighter in the category. Natarliya won her first fight comfortably 7-1 using her strength and aggression. Natarliya went on to win her next 2 fights 5-3 and 6-4 in the same vein taking a well deserved gold medal. Well done Natarliya this is your 2nd gold in a month, you have worked hard to achieve this.

Fran's category of 4ft 10 - 5ft 3 5th kyu to dan grade had only 4 girls in it. Fran won her first fight fairly comfortably 8-3 using her speed and technique with her powerful gyaks too much for her opponent. Fran's next fight was much more closely contested against a smaller but equally skilful opponent. Fran's opponent took a 2-0 lead but a flurry of exchanges took it to 3-3 where Fran scored an over the top in the last 10 seconds to win 4-3 and the gold medal. Well done Fran on your steady progression.

Last to fight was Fallon who had been waiting all day and what a fantastic end to the day. Fallon only had 3 girls in her category and was drawn in a round robin contest. Fallon's first fight was against a much bigger England squad member and this was a thrilling fight with both girls going in hard and fast. Unfortunately Fallon could not quite convert her points and lost 3-5. In her second fight Fallon came out all guns blazing and demolished her opponent 9-0 with her powerful techniques to take the silver medal. This was only Fallon's 2nd competition after a year long break and it was fantastic to see such strength and determination in her fighting. Well done Fallon for quite a superb performance, you are a real threat to all those England squad members.

Well done and thanks to all the squad members for supporting each other and a special thank you to Liz for coaching the team.

Sensei Sat commented "The club goes from strength to strength and the junior squad that performed this weekend fought with admiration and unity. For many this is the first time or second time of competition and they are proving they can match any club at the same grade or higher level. As the coach it is lovely to know all the coaches and competitors got on with the task at hand, whilst Sophie was in Malaysia and my instructors covering the normal classes. The unity and harmony is fantastic thank you everyone!!!"

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