Khalsa Champions Novice Competition Sunday 16th January 2011

Khalsa Champions Novice Competition Sunday 16th January 2011Sunday 16th January 2011 saw the first event of the year in Khalsa Champions calendar, our very own Novice Competition held in Kingston Upon Thames at the YMCA Hawker Centre.

The concept of this competition was to invite all non squad members of Khalsa to participate in a competition setting and have some fun on the mats! Most who took part had never experienced this type of environment before and it was very encouraging to see so many entrants, ranging from the ages of four through to the teenage years. Our main emphasis of the day was for everyone to have fun and enjoy being part of a different aspect of karate.

The hall was divided into two matted areas, with two sets of table officials, a head table and three referees on each mat. Due to the nature of the competition we decided upon two Kata categories where you could choose to do your first four moves of the Kata, if you did not know the complete version, or a full Kata if you were feeling confident. This was judged on a points system where the four competitors with the highest scores went through to the semi-finals. Everybody was very impressed with the enthusiasm and perseverance shown by all of the Khalsa students on the mats and we felt that whether you obtained a medal or not, you were all winners!

We would like to congratulate the following competitors on gaining a medal in Kata yesterday, Category A- Kata Group 1- Joint third place-Oliver Dowdeswell and Katie Lancaster, Second Place-Rex Rhodes and group winner in First Place- Noah Allen. Category A-Kata Group 2-Joint third place-Adel and Melik, Second Place-Saam and group winner in First Place-Arjan Sehra.

In Category B- Kata- Joint third place-Joe Paley and Arjan Sehra, Second Place, Gary Taylor and group winner in First Place- Prabhjit Sehra. Well done to all who medalled and competed.

It was then onto the Kumite categories and for this we decided on five categories –the fifth one was actually organised on the day and created to give some of our competitors another go to win a medal, which proved to be very popular!!. Again in each category we saw determination, courage and lots of different ages having fun and really enjoying this positive experience!

We would like to congratulate the following competitors;

  • Category 1- Kumite Group 1- Joint Third place -Gregory Sedykh and Alexandra James, Second Place, Kira David and group winner in First Place- Luca James.
  • Category 1-Kumite Group 2-Joint third place-George Edwards and Indie Mark, Second Place, Juhjar Sehra and group winner in First Place- Jay Bartram.
  • Category 2-Kumite Group 1-Joint third place-Chris and Josh, Second place-Tiam and group winner in First place- Noah Allen.
  • Category 2-Kumite Group 2-Joint third place-Jack Poxtone and Kaiden Riahi, Second Place-Rex Rhodes and group winner in First Place- Katie Lancaster.
  • Category 3-Kumite Group 3-Joint Third Place-Ivan Sheik and Natarliya James, Second Place-Gary Taylor and group winner in First Place-Prabhjit Sehra.
  • Category –Open Kumite- In this event three third places were awarded to the following-Emmanuel, Arjan and Mahmud, Second Place-Oliver and First Place Scott Donaldson.

Khalsa Champions Novice Competition Sunday 16th January 2011Well done to all of you and thank you for making this day the fun filled event that it was and nobody went home empty handed as all who took part received a KKC participation plaque.

Throughout the day we encountered many positive comments on the organisation, layout and smooth running of this event. We are very lucky at Khalsa to have such a dedicated team of people who brought so much help and goodwill, that without them, this day would not have been the success that it was.

A huge thank you goes to all our referees and table officials who were all superb, our fantastic runners, coaches and equally talented parents who took photographs, filmed and did all sorts of different jobs to make the day look and run so professionally and to the YMCA Hawker Centre for their use of the hall and support. A special mention also to Lesley Baker for her help with entries, monies and expertise on who goes where and to the organisers Toni Newey and Louise Parris who worked tirelessly to get it 'just right'. Thank you to all who gave up their time so generously and a big congratulations again to all our competitors who all proved to be stars in their own right and lastly, but by no means least, Sensei Sat for delegating the necessary jobs and the Khalsa Champions T shirts for everybody. A great start to 2011 and we look forward to hosting the next one!

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