London International Open Championships 2011

London International Open Championships 2011Sophie Santillo entered the London International Open Championships as the only competitor from Khalsa Karate.

Sophie entered the 15-18 year old category and in her first fight came against Hannah Baker a well established older England member.

Sophie unfortunately lost the fight 2-6 however, the score line did not reflect the result as a hook kick that was given by the judge was over ruled by the chief ref, which would have made the result 5-6. but she showed true spirit and took away a Bronze Medal against the overall Winner.

Sophie then entered the -65kg and again this was a tough draw as Sophie was much lighter. Sophie's first fight saw her come up against a 36yr old competitor and after dropping some early points Sophie found her footing and won the fight 5-4 taking her into a final.

Sophie's next fight was against another England team member in Stephanie Thorndike, and the fight was very cagey for a good minute. With no fighter wanting to loose a point, Stephanie struck with a trademark gyakazuki taking a 0-1 lead, forcing Sophie to chase her opponent but just couldn't get the point required and eventually loosing 0-1 and taking her second medal and a well earned Silver.

Sophie SantilloSensei Sat commented "Sophie’s performance of late has been very consistent and even though she did not win this weekend found herself battling against much older and stronger competitors in cadets and seniors and still medalling, with good performances".

"A very well done to you Sophie, keep up the good work! ".

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