Wadokai England Training And Western Karate Union Invitational Spring Competition

Western Karate Union Invitational Spring Competition30TH APRIL and 1ST MAY 2011

It was the start of a very busy weekend for some of our squad members. Saturday 30th April saw Cuba and Bleu Parris attend the Wadokai England training in Wolverhampton, after an invitation to join them, ahead of the selections at the end of the month to represent the squad at the Wadokai Europeans to be held in Lisbon later on in the Year. They trained hard for two hours and look forward to selecting at the end of this month. We wish them both luck in this and applaud their commitment to their club and sport.

On Sunday 1st May Khalsa Champions sent a squad of nine competitors to Weston-Super-Mare to compete in the WKU Spring Invitational Competition. They set off on their two and a half hour journey to Bristol with high hopes and a positive attitude hoping for a good day. Our squad for this competition consisted of Katie Lancaster, Noah Allen, Tom and Josh Dugdale, Fran Hardcastle, Sophie Santillo, Adrian Moyo and Cuba and Bleu Parris. We had a real mix of highly experienced squad members and also relative novices in our squad this time and upon arrival it was plain to see that this competition was hugely popular with many categories having at least thirty plus in each one. As always, this tournament was extremely busy with competitors and spectators alike and after a short delay the Junior Kata categories started off the day.

In the Kata categories we had a sole competitor from the Khalsa squad in Bleu Parris. Bleu was competing in the 12-15 year Mixed group 3rd Kyu and above. As usual Bleu got off to a flying start with his precise rendition of Seinchin. His performance gave him a resounding three flags win to see him through his first round. In Bleus second round it was decided he would perform another of his compulsories, Bassai Dai. Again Bleu executed a perfect kata and again gained all three flags. His semi – final performance saw him do Annan and again with a 2-1 win to him he ended up in the final. Bleu performed Chatanyara Kushankyu and to date it was probably one of his best performances yet. It was a sharp and powerful one which resulted in a well earned Gold amongst a good standard of competitors. Khalsa was off to a very good start to the day…

It was then the start of the Kumite categories. As we expected out of the five areas running we had four competitors all in different categories called at the same time!! Cuba Parris, Fran Hardcastle, Sophie Santillo and Bleu Parris were all competing in the Kumite categories and from one mat to the other they all took their turn to gain a medal and get through their rounds. Fran Hardcastle was competing in the Girls 13-15 yr 4th Kyu and above minus 50kg. She had some excellent fights and looked very good technically, which left her opponents without an answer. It was a relatively small group, with only one fight to reach the final, and after gaining a score of 6-2 in her opening round she then went on to a draw of 5-5 in the final. It proceeded to extra time where she gained an impressive 6-0 win and another Gold for Khalsa. Well done Fran!

We then had Sophie Santillo who was also competing in the Girls 13-15 yr 4th Kyu and above but in the Plus 50kg weight group. In her opening round she had a very close call of going into extra time after a 4-4 draw but managed to claw back the fight with winning 2-0 to see her safely into the next round. Sophie then gained a 2-0 win again in her second round to see her through to the semi - final. After a tough fight, Sophie could not progress further on this occasion and had to settle for the Bronze Medal in this group. Great effort!

Despite Cuba Parris being called first out of the other squad members he was actually the last to finish as his group consisted of thirty one boys! Cuba was competing in the Boys 10-12 yr minus 45kg category and he did exceptionally well today. Cuba performed some great techniques and included some lovely sweeps on the way to the final and in every round did not concede a point!! His scores were 8-0, 4-0,9-0,7-0 and in the final finished off with a very impressive 10-0 win. Cuba picked up another Gold to add to his collection, he showed his true class as a seasoned competitor today. Well done Cuba!

Bleu Parris was also competing in the Boys 10-12 yr plus 45kg category. He too had an impressive run and worked incredibly hard to get his results. He achieved 7-0 in his first round and in the semi - final he then claimed 8-0. Again, like his twin, he had a place in the final and did not disappoint with a 9-3 win!! Congratulations Bleu double Gold today!

We then had Katie Lancaster who participated in the Girls 10-12 yr below 5th Kyu plus 40kg category. Katie had a very small group, like Fran, with only one fight to the final and after an 8-6 win in her first fight, she moved into the final where unfortunately on this occasion she could not overcome her opponent and took second place with a Silver medal.

It was then the turn of Noah Allen who was competing in the Boys 8-9 yr up to 6th Kyu. Noah got off to a good start in his opening round with a clear 6-0 win. In his second round it was a close call with a 4-4 draw, leading to extra time where he managed to pull back the fight with a 2-0 win. He reached the semi - final where he was unable to claim this fight and ended up exiting with a 5-2 loss, however this also landed him a Bronze medal for his efforts. Well done Noah!

Brothers Josh and Tom Dugdale were also competing for Khalsa today. Josh in the boys 5-7 yr 5th Kyu and below and Josh in the Boys 8-9 yr 5th Kyu plus group. Josh was up first and despite his best efforts he could not progress past the first round on this occasion and ended with a close 2-1 exit. Keep going Josh, good effort!

Tom competed next and won his first fight with a comfortable 5-1 score. His second fight resulted in a very close 4-3 win. From there he progressed to the semi-final, where he unfortunately lost 5-1. However he did get a Bronze medal for his efforts. Well done!

Sophie Santillo had another category to go as she had entered the Girls 16-17 yr Open weight category. As Sophie will be turning sixteen later this month, she decided to have a go at the upper age group. This was not a big group but Sophie had some tough fights. She won her first fight well with a 3-1 win and then progressed into the semi - final where she won with a clear 5-0 score. In the final Sophie had to fight a fellow England A Squad member but after persevering she could not overcome her opponents strength and speed and Sophie bowed out in the final with a 3-1 loss. She gained a well deserved Silver for her efforts.

Our last fighter of the day was Adrian Moyo who had entered the Boys 16-17 yr Open Weight category. After an all day wait, Adrian was unfortunate to be drawn against the England Squads current World Bronze medalist, in his first round. Despite Adrians attempts at trying to score, it proved impossible against a fighter of this magnitude and Adrian accepted a gracious 9-0 defeat on this occasion.

We would like to thank the organisers WKU for running the event and a very special thank you to Coaches Paul Abel and Rachel Newey for assisting, supporting and coaching the squad throughout the day. We all had a great day, with some positive results and look forward to the next tournament.

Sensei Sat commented "Another great result for the squad, their hard work and enthusiasm again in their training is paying off on the mat with great results. I would like to thank Coaches Paul and Rachel for all their hard work, the squad for their continued drive, all parents for helping and Louise for another great report!" Well done to everybody!!!!!!!!!!!. Sensei Sat

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