Yamaguchi Goju-Kai

3 Competitors 2 Golds and 2 Silver

On Sunday, 11th December, Khalsa Champions travelled to Gray’s, Essex for the Annual Yamaguchi Goju-Kai.

In the run-up to Christmas, Khalsa Champions made the annual trip to Gray’s to compete in the Goju-Kai. Competing on the day were Alexandra James, Sophie Santillo and Noah Allen. We have always enjoyed this tournament, and although we had a small squad this year, it was no exception.



This tournament went very smoothly and kicked off on time with the Shobu Jukuren, which is a showcase of skills against a static target. In this event, we had both Noah and Alex competing. Alex was called up first, and was very sharp, but lost out to the eventual winner. Noah then took the mat and had a close call in the first round (after knocking the target over!). Noah then went through the next rounds in style and made it to the final. Unfortunately Noah came second this time, but did get the flag of the head referee. Well done Noah and Alex, on to the Kumite!

Noah and Alex were now on to their Kumite group. For the first time, these two were drawn into the same group and we all knew what was in store. The two competitors went through three rounds of fighting, outscoring the competition by a margin of 50-2!! They took the mat in the finals and fought the best fight of the day, with Noah taking this showdown 7-4. With Alex’s kick, it was in doubt to the last second. Very well done you two, that was a dominating day!

In what was a very quick day for us, Sophie then stepped onto the mat. Sophie had a group of 4, which looked a little bit tricky at the out-set. Sophie charged out in her first fight against a young competitor who we know to be a future talent. This was a learning curve for the new fighter (one which Sophie herself has travelled the last 2 years), and ended in less than 30 seconds, with Sophie winning 8-0. Next for Sophie was a physically difficult fighter. However, Sophie showed great toughness here (especially after she ended up in the rows of chairs!) and ended the fight with a lovely hook kick for a 10-0 win! Amazing end to the year Soph!

Sensei Sat commented "The whole year has been a great year for results and teamwork. The squad are showing there true class and have a great future! My thanks goes to all the parents, instructors, coaches and friends who help us, push us and inspire us and make the club a team!! Congrats to everyone and bring on 2012!"

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