39th European Junior & Cadet Championships, Baku, Azerbaijan, February 2012

Tuesday the 7th February saw our very own Sophie Santillo, represent England Karate Team in the European Junior and Cadet Championships held in Azerbaijan.

After a 6 hour flight we arrived to a very very bitterly cold climate of -14 degrees, and snow which sat over 2ft tall. After settling into our hotel, Pre-training began on the Wednesday and Thursday morning and afternoon. This proved to be very essential and painful as the training was very intense, and Sophie has not had that much full on training since her ligament damage to her ankle.

The day of the competition was here and Sophie had a tough draw against Serbia, then possibly France. Although we knew it was going to be tough we felt confident that we could win the first round. Sophie set the pace very early and threw 2 or 3 gyaks to the face and scored with 1 judge but we needed 2 judges under the new rules to make a point. Our Serbian opponent picked off Sophie on the attacks and to take a 0-2 lead.

39th European Junior & Cadet Championships, Baku, Azerbaijan, February 2012

Playing catch up Sophie threw a trade mark kick to the head which touched our opponent and one ref scored the head kick, however again with the new rules in force, the technique could only be scored if 2 judges flag. This meant as Sophie scored thinking we got the point, however our opponent swept Sophie and took the 3 points we needed. It was desperate times now and Sophie however hard she tried was not awarded the points and in the dying seconds tried another kick and managed to get swept again and lost 0-8.

Although the result is hard to take, Sophie's commitment to making the Europeans was fantastic and managing to reach the competition was a result in itself. Both Sophie and myself were very confident of medalling and although it did not happen this time we learn't a lot and will now build on the experience.

Both Sophie and myself would like to thank the EKF for inviting us to compete and being on the delegation team for England.

Back to the drawing board and back to training!!

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