British Open Championships June 2012

This weekend saw Khalsa Champions only competitor in Sophie Santillo, who entered both the -53kg and Open Weight, at the British Open Championships held in Glasgow.

Sophie first category was -53kg and she took a bye straight to the Semi Final where Sophie met a talented competitor from Shindo Kai. After slipping several times on the mat Sophie regained her composure and took the fight 8-1 sending her through to the finals! Sophie's final was against the same girl she beat the year before. How ever she tried and even scoring on the last few seconds with a hook kick that was plain to see did not score which cost Sophie the title, 5-7, settling for Silver.

Sophie has never won the British and this year looked like the trend would continue. After Sophie's power nap she prepared for the Open (17 Competitors) and reached the Semis after 2 contestants were unable to fight. In the Semi's Sophie met a very talented England A Squad member. Both fighters fought well and Sophie managed to take the win 7-3 taking her to the finals. Sophie now determined not to loose started the fight very aggressively and took the win against a strong Scottish opponent and the title 5-0.

Sensei Sat commented "Sophie is working very hard at the moment and we are consistently changing our training and tactics and it looks like its starting to pay off. This title has always been an omen and Sophie can now finally add it to her German, Double English, Luxembourg and Scottish Titles, as well as national comps she has won this year. Sophie has study very hard this month and has balanced her fighting with her studying, and has again proved her worth with another win. Well done from all the club and a big thank you to all who coached, helped and supported Sophie this weekend!!!"

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