EKF Nationals April 2012

This weekend saw Sophie, Franny and Fallon (Semka) competing for the English Championships.

This was going to be a very tough day for Sophie as she was still very very tired from the early start, competing and traveling from Edinburgh yesterday! For Fallon and Sophie expectations were very high as well as the standard in there categories, so we were all very nervous, but excited.

Fran was up first in her weight category was given a bye first round. Frans second fight was against a very tidy opponent who had great kicks and leading the fight 6-4 with 3 seconds left we were comfortable to reach the finals, but a late kick meant our opponent took the win 8-6 leaving us with a bronze. Franny then had the open and was totally out weighed and lost height and reach to several of our opponents. Fran had a cagey first fight and scored 2-2 but took the win on flags 3-2. Frans Quarter finals was better as Fran found her range and won easily 6-0. The semis was against heavy and much taller opponent and as much as Fran attacked lost 0-1 taking a well deserved second Bronze of the day.

Sensei Sat commented " Fran has recently won her belt category and English title in January so this was just a test, as she was the lowest in age and fought black belts, but has still managed to medal on every occasion!! I am very proud of Franny as she is going from strength to strength. Well done Fran very proud Sensei!!

Next up was Fallon from Semka who had a bye first round sending her to semi's. Fallon went out guns blazing and scored so many times but the new system of flags meant she had to score two flags to win. However hard she tried she won 1-0 but that was all we needed to take us to the final. In the final Fallon was more strategic and scored early 2 points and lost 1 point straight after. Fallon stepped it up and took another point and the win 3-1 and Gold and new English Champion. Coach Sat commented " Fallon is a natural talent and this was no surprise but was a hard day still and to come out Gold was a fantastic result!! Well done Fallon!"

Last up was Sophie for whom this was going to be very long, tiring and hard day. Sophies's weight category saw Sophie get a bye.Second round Sophie was matched against a very tough and talented fighter who took an early lead 3-0. Sophie managed to pull the fight back 3-3 and win 3-2 on flags but this was not the start we needed. In the final Sophie stepped up the pace and won 8-0 to take Gold and new English Champion.

The open weight was much tougher and Sophie had a bye first round, won 3-0, second round 8-0, 3-0 in the semi's taking us to the final! The final was very tiring baring in mind Sophie had over 10 fights already from saturday to sunday. Sophie was on her last legs and was against her toughest and most talented fighter yet in Amelia. Amelia and Sophie were both firing and it was Sophie that took the early lead, but our opponent came straight back at us and took 3 consecutive points with 3 seconds to go. Sophie went straight of the line in the last second and scored sanbon and he win 4-3 and second Gold of the day. English Open Champion!! Sensei Sat commented" Sophie is maturing every time she competes and this weekend saw Sophie take the Scottish and English titles, a massive weekend and a true warrior!! We still have a long way to go but every time she has a challenge she steps up to the mark and did so amazingly this weekend. A very proud Sensei!!!

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