Meopham Open Karate Championships : July 2012

9 Competitors – 5 Gold’s 2 Silvers 1 Bronze!!

Sunday 22nd July saw 9 competitors from Khalsa Champions entering the Meopham Open Championships held in Kent. This was going to be an interesting day as some of the squad were new, and some hadn’t fought for months!!

First up was Alex James who hasn't fought for 6 months since winning the English Championships in January, due to breaking her arm. Alex's goal was to get past the first round and although it was a slow start but she did enough to take the win 6-4. Alex then found the range and stepped it up taking an 8-0 win and another 8-0 win and Gold!! Well done Alex!! Good return to the mats!!!!

Next up was Layla for whom this was the first time competing. Layla has good gyak’s and this worked for her in the first round taking the win easily 8-0, and into the semi’s. Next round Layla went out very strong and was winning 7-5 with 15 seconds to go but lost the last three continous points to head techniques and had to settle for bronze 7-8. Well done Layla!! Not a bad start for your first competition taking bronze and 15 points out of two fights!!!

Meopham Open Karate Championships : July 2012

The day was starting out good and next up was Prabhjit Sehra. For Prabhjit we have been working on when to be aggressive and when not to and he showed true class today winning the round 1 8-0, quarters 8-0, semis 8-2. The final was very close and Prabhjit had a very good opponent and it was level 5-5, but Prabhjit attacked dropping his guard losing three points to the head 5-8 and having to settle for silver!! Well done PJ!!

Josh Dugdale was next up and opened the first round with excellent timing, techniques and distance and took the win easily 9-0. The next round saw Josh do the opposite and although Josh I felt was the better fighter he got too scrappy and charged in. Totally the opposite of the first fight!! That said Josh has so much heart and courage I cannot explain and I know it won’t be long before he medals again!! Well Done Josh!!!!

Junior Williams was next and for Junior he moved up belt and height category and was in a very tough category!! The most important thing was that Junior must attack forward and he did this with excellent techniques and this showed in the result 8-1. The next round Junior was up against a much taller, experienced and aggressive fighter and eventually lost 7-0. The most important thing for Junior was to go forward and he did this very well!! This is a good basis for moving forward!!! Well done Junior!!!

Next up was Robert and Jack for whom this was the first time and both boys were very nervous. The draw saw them all take a bye and reach the semis. Robert was first up listened very well, but could have finished the fight earlier if his techniques were cleaner but still good enough for the win 5-0 and taking him to the finals 5-0. Next up was Jack who timed his gyak’s perfectly with great aggression!! Jack proved he was enjoying his fight and took the win 8-2. Both boys reached the final and it was Jack the got the timing on Robert, and took the win well 7-0 and the Gold leaving Robert to settle for Silver!! Both boys were excellent today and listened very well!! They both showed true courage and heart and did themselves and the club proud!! Well done boys!!!

Next up was Fran who entered 2 categories. Fran had some good fighters and knew she had to step it up today!! Having talked tactics over the last couple of weeks, we were about to see if Fran could put it into practise!! To which she did taking the first three fights 8-2,8-2,6-4 to reach the finals. In the final Fran had a very strong opponent but settled herself and took the win 8-4 and the Gold. Fran was ushered straight to the next mat and won the first fight 8-1 and the final 8-4 and securing her second Gold of the day!! Fran really stepped it up today and scored maximum points in 5 out of 6 fights which is amazing!!! Tough heart and determination saw her win Double Gold today!! Well Done Fran!!!!

Last up was Sophie who had been a great coach today warming the squad up and coaching!!! Sophie’s opening fight was against a very tall opponent, but Sophie’s hands were fast today taking the win 8-5!! Sophie’s kicks weren’t scoring so far and Sophie reverted back to the hands in the semis and this proved the right move taking the win 10-3, and reaching the final! In the final Sophie met a very talented and strong England Member!! Sophie started the fight very well with fast hands and a lead of 4-0. Our opponent showed true heart and clawed 2 quick points back, forcing Sophie to step it up again!! A few more fast hands followed by a kick to the head saw Sophie take the win 10-2 and the Gold!!! Well Done Sophie!!!!

Sensei Sat commented “Today’s result was a true reflection of how hard the squad have stuck together and listened!!! Every competitor scored near on or maximum points today. No other comp have I seen such high margins!!! Well done to everybody who competed today!! You all truly excelled yourselves and huge thanks to Fran/Sophie for coaching and warm up and all the parents for helping today become so successful!!!”

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