Weston Supermare Report: November 2012

6 Competitors 4 Medals

Sunday 25th November saw a small team from Khalsa Champions travel to Weston Supermare to compete. In the team there was Josh, Alex, Noah, Tom, Fran and Sophie.

First up was Josh who started off very aggressively but just couldnt find his range and was knocked out first round losing 1-3. Still a very young member of the squad and needs more mat experience Josh is showing huge potential!! Good try Josh!

Next up was Noah and Alex and both guys were giving up nearly 4 years in age and 15kgs to much older and stronger opponents.

Noah had a tough first fight, but managed it smartly and saw out a 3-0 victory. In the quarter finals, Noah started out very well against a much larger opponent. After taking a two point lead into the final 30 seconds (and suffering three penalty blows along the way), Noah let a kick to the head slip by and gave up a sambon score, resulting in a 3-4 loss. He did very well and gained good experience. Well done Noah!!

Alexs first category only had one fighter but she was very competitive but Alex composed took the win 3-0 and first Gold of the day. In the next category 4th kyu+ (alex still only 6th kyu!!) Alex like Noah gave up 4 years and 15 kgs but won the first fight 3-1 but lost to the winner in the semis 1-4 but managed a good Bronze!! Well done Alex!!!!

Following Alex was Tom who hasnt trained alot as he is preparing for his 1st Dan but felt he wanted to compete to support the team and brother, and done himself proud!! The result was 0-4 but the work rate of Tom was awesome just the final delivery wasnt scoring, neverthless a brave attempt!!! well done Tom!!

Lastly was the girls Fran and Sophie. Fran a little hestitant to start off settled her nerves and took 3 straight wins 4-0,3-0 and 5-0 to win the second Gold of the day!!! What was very positive was that she never gave up a point!! Well done Fran!!!

Lastly was Sophie who had a good first start and was looking good taking a 4-0 start quickly but then took several hard knocks to the head, leaving her slightly concussed!! The medics allowed her to continue but she had to sit out with an ice pack to swell the bruising!! Undetered sophie was given time to fight in the semis and try as she may the judges didnt go her way and she had to settle for bronze losing 2-1 to a good National fighter from Wales!Well done Sophie!!

Sensei Sat commented "This year has been a fantastic year for the squad, results wise, moral, and teamwork and its good to see the squad finishing the way they started!!! What impressed me was that all the changes we are making are starting to show and this fantastic!! some days no matter how hard you try things just dont go your way and some days you have all the luck, this weekend we didnt leave anything to chance and the team proved again their quality!!!" A huge thanks goes to Debbie, Ant, Richard and Chris for admin and travel and coaching and Sophie Santillo for coaching juniors!!"

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