BIKO Competition October 2013

Sunday 14th October saw 7 squad members compete at the BIKO comp in Hertfordshire.

First up was Jujhar who performed really well and took the winner to a 7-7 draw but unfortunately lost 2-1 on flags. Next up was Jenna whom this was her second comp and scored 10-2 first round 5-5 2-0 win on flags, and lost the final 1-9 to a very good opponent, but a great silver medal!!. PJ Sehra was next up in a very large and older category up to 15 years however performed well, 5-3, 8-0 and lost 0-3 in the semis to take a well deserved bronze. Fran followed PJ and had a tough fight first round and lost on flags after scoreline 3-3, flags 1-2. Kira was next and lost 4-9 after a hard fight that saw her injured. Layla Rogers was next up and won 3-1,7-6 and lost semi final 0-8 to take a great bronze. Last up was Alex James who was on fire to win Gold 7-1,2-0,3-2,4-1,8-2.

Sensei Sat commented: "The team fought great and even on a bad day my 7 members came back with 4 medals. The day was good experience with tough fighters but the team came away with good results but now need to work on there errors and push on there positives. My thanks goes to Debbie for organising and to all my 4 instructors who helped the class while I was with the team."

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