EKF Kyu Grade Championships: January 2013

3 Competitors - 2 Golds 1 Silver!!

Sunday 20th January saw 3 Khalsa Champions, representing Khalsa Karate at the Kyu Grade English Championships in sheffield!!

First up was Alex James who won the English Championships last year. This year was going to very hard as she moved up a category and was one of the youngest at 11 in a 12 year category and one of the lightest!! Alex fought

First Round 3-0
Second Round 8-0
Quarters 5-0
Semi 4-1 Flags
Final 0-5 Silver

Alex fought amazingly in a category of 32 competitors.We never expected her to reach the final especially as she was one of the youngest! That said she amazing and was so so aggressive, never once backing down or feeling scared of her opponents size!! In one word was "awesome" and to get to the final and win Silver was a fantastic result!! Well done Alex!!

Next up was Prabhjit Sehra who like Alex had a large category of 33 and moved up a category so was one of the youngest and lightest. For PJ this was a big day and he was nervous but never looked worried!! PJ fought

First Round - Bye
Quarters - 3-0 Flags
Semi 5-0
Final 1-0 Gold

Prabhjit fought awesome today. What impressed me today was PJ held his own, calmed his nerves and more than anything listened to his coach! Tactics paid off and PJ can very proud of being a New England Karate Champion!!! Well done PJ!!!

Last up was Fran Hardcastle who was out to defend her English title. Fran was very confident of her ability but hadn't fought since the beginning of December, due to her being sick. Fran fought

First Round - 5-1
Quarters 1-0
Semi 8-1
Final 4-0 Gold

Fran fought very well today and finished her techniques off clean. What impressed me with Fran is that she averaged near on 5 points per fight and lost 2 points. We had a clear game plan and again our tactics worked perfectly. Fran is a future champion in the making and has a big heart and hopefully the big results will come!!!

Sensei Sat commented
" What a fantastic day!! This time last year I took 3 kids and got 3 Golds!!! This year I took 3 kids and would never have dreamt that we could have achieved such a great result of 2 Golds and 1 Silver, considering Alex and PJ were in bigger categories and had over 30 competitors in each group!! For Fran the expectation of defending her title meant so much more and again Fran delivered!! The team were absolutely awesome and never fail to amaze me in there heart and courage!!! The love everyone has for the club, the friends we have, parents and students is so loving that we all succeed not one individual!! Team Success!! I just wish to thank Sensei Junior Lefevre, Sensei Alton Brown, Sensei Jay Gauci, and Sensei Sophie Santillo for all the hard work they have put into the squad!!!!

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