Southern Regional Championships: January 2013

Saturday 12th January 2013 saw each Region fight off for the Regional Championships in Lincolnshire.

The draw was -
First Round South v Midlands
Second Round South v North
Third Round Midlands v North

Representing the club and Southern Team were Sophie and Fran. Unfortunately Fran wasn't picked and missed out on a chance to fight however Sophie did fight and drew the first fight and won the second. Overall the Southern team were brilliant and stuck to the task and won on points!!

A great day and well organized well done everyone!!

Sensei Sat commented "This was a good learning curve and pressure for both girls. For Fran even though she wasn't well was ready to fight which shows me, even when down she has the desire to fight and still travel 3 hours to represent and stand by her colleagues. For Sophie this was a good test and although we never lost any points or the fights, work still has to be done in the way of the situation your in. When judges don't call or score your techniques you must adapt and change your fight and when Sophie did flags went out but not clean enough to get 2 flags and an extra point. So a lot of positives on defence but more work on strategy and finish. Nevertheless the girls represented and won for the team and that is very positive!! Well done girls and all the teams!!".

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