BIKO International Open Championships October 2014

Sunday 12th October saw 2 students compete at the BIKO International Open Championships.

Our first competitor was Jenna who needed much mat time and was given a bye in the first round. Jenna started her second round fight really well with 2 points up. Our opponent pulled back the 2-2 however was on three warnings for heavy contact. Both girls scored a point in the last 10 seconds however making the score 3-3. With 3 seconds left Jenna went forward again on the attack but got caught with a heavy punch to the face disqualifying our opponent putting Jenna through the Quarter finals. In the Quarter finals we were up against the current English Champion and Jenna took an early 2-0 lead. Our opponent pulled the fight back 2-2, however Jenna scored a great kick taking the lead 5-2. With this lead Jenna got caught napping with her guard down making it 5-3. Jenna hastily tried to attack again much to her coaches anger and got caught with a kick 5-6. Our opponent now with the momentum took the next 2 points and the win 8-5. Frustrating as the result was Jenna performed magnificently and can build on this. Well done Jenna!!!

BIKO International Open Championships October 2014

Next up was Alex who had a very tall fighter first round. Both girls were very talented and both went In with a gyak. With one flag by both judges the head judge went against us. Alex tried and tried but was not getting the point however in the last 10 seconds our opponent was given a 3 warnings for running. With 2 seconds left Alex could only chase and did it well and managed to get our opponent on the back foot and disqualified. Both fighters fought awesome and not the way to win however this is why you must stand your ground in the last 10 seconds. Our next two opponents were taken out with simple techniques taking Alex to the final. In the final Alex fought a tough opponent much heavier than us and taller however Alex injured and bruised countered our opponent with great gyaks and taking the much deserved win 2-0 and the Gold. Well done Alex.

Coach Sensei Sat commented "Both girls were exceptional and both fought with heart and courage!! Both have great potential in their karate for bigger and better things. Well done to you both!! My thanks goes to everyone at the club and YMCA for making this weekends result possible!"

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