World Champion Busa Course / Gary Swift 8th Dan Wado Kai

Saturday 17th May saw Instructor Sat, and students Fran Hardcastle and Alex James train with the current World and European Champion Luigi Busa, held by Sensei Anthoni Everitt and Frontier Association. The training started at 2pm and lasted 2 hours where we worked distance techniques and defence. The day was very enjoyable and we had a great time!

Luigi Busa

Wednesday 28th May saw Sensei Gary Swift head of British Wado Kai attend a course at the club, where Sensei talked about Nagashazuki, Principles of centre line and Irimi (Entering) an attack. The evening was fantastic and all the students learnt a lot! Huge thanks to Sensei Swift and every one that attended, thoroughly enjoyable!

Sensei Gary Swift

Sensei Gary Swift

  • WKF
  • EKF
  • English Karate Federation
  • Thames Community Foundation
  • Design Gurus
  • MCE
  • J.Lefevre
  • YMCA
  • Sport Kingston
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