2014 English Kyu Grade Championships

Sunday the 26th January saw 8 members fighting in the National Championships.

We took 3 Senior squad members in Fran Hardcastle, Alex James and PJ Sehra.

First up was Fran who had a bye first round then won first round 8-0, won on flags 4-1 second round against a talented fighter after scores went 3-3, and then stepped up again winning Gold in the final 8-1!!! Well done Fran.

Next up was Alex James who had nearly 40 competitors in 2 pools!! Alex won first round 5-4, second round 8-0, third Round 7-0, fourth round 6-0, final of the pool 9-6 taking our second gold of the day!! Well done Alex.

Next up was PJ who had a very tough first round and was winning 1-0 then got caught with a hook kick losing 1-3. PJ pulled the fight back taking the score 3-3. 3 seconds left PJ and opponent both went in but the gyak went the other way causing PJ to loose 3-4. Fantastic effort!! Well done PJ!!

Junior Squad

The next 5 competitors are our Junior B Squad who for some have only had 2 previous fights so to put them in such a high comp so soon was a risk but I felt they had the tools to do well and boy did they do that!!! Personally I though they would be out very early but the results proved otherwise!!!!!

First up was my three junior orange belts -

Jenna - Jenna was firing out of the blocks and was amazing, taking an early 2-0 lead. Inexperience showed as Jenna got caught with a kick, then another 2 kicks losing the fight to the eventual winner 2-9. Other than not keeping her guard up she fought the exact fight and it was purely matt experience that cost her a medal!

Ciara was next - In the same pool of 35 girls + fought magnificently round 1 bye - round 2 she won 11-3, round 3 won 4-1 round 4 Quarter Finals lost 2-4!!! joint 5th place in her first ever nationals!!!

Florence was the last of the trio and round 1 Bye, round 2 won 6-4, round 3 won 8-1, round 4 0-0 won 4-1 flags, round 5 semis lost 1-3! Bronze 3rd ever comp and first ever nationals!!!

Well done girls you were absolutely awesome!!!!

Josh Dugdale was next up and josh had over 52 competitors in two pools. Josh had a bye first round, second round won 5-0 flags 0-0, third round won 5-0, fourth round quarter finals lost 1-1 1-4 on flags. Placing Josh in top 16 in 52!!!

Well done Josh.

Last of the junior squad was Layla who has done 2 comps all last year and first nationals ever. Layla first Bye. Second round Layla was winning 2-0 and then lost to a head kick leaving her 2-3 behind, having attacked both girls went in with kazami gyak but unfortunately the point went against us! leaving the score 2-4. The girl went on to reach the finals!! Layla entered the open and again in the lead got caught with a kick to head and after being in the lead and eventually losing 2-4! That said she reached the top 8 in the open for her time and fought magnificently!

I have to say that everyone performed amazingly! I never take a big squad as I know the standard at this level is the best however I took A squad who still prove there the best including PJ who was very unlucky to loose the point with 3 secs left! And the junior squad who realistically I thought would be out fairly quickly as they didn't have the experience all proved me wrong and everyone from the B Squad reached top 16 8 and 5th and one medalling!!! Amazing day to which I would just like to thank Sophie and Fran for managing the team and warming the guys up!!!

Lastly thank you to all the squad and parents and instructors that make the team run as smooth as they do!!!

Sensei Sat!!

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