Fran Hardcastle takes BRONZE in the European Championships 2014

Congratulations to Fran Hardcastle who performed magnificently against tough opponents in the 2014 Junior Europeans held in Portugal.

After losing her first fight against a very talented fighter who reached the final Fran had a second chance through Repo charge. Fran won her first fight 6-3 second 5-0 and final 5-3 to take the Bronze medal!!!

Sensei Sat commented "I am very very proud of what Fran has achieved this weekend. Not only did she have exams, she won the English and medalled in the Europeans, a period which has been so frantic for her training and studying. I would like to thank everyone involved from the instructors, to students and the club for everything because this is why we do what we do, to fight and beat the best of the best!!! Congratulations Fran and the club!!"

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