Meopham Open July 2014

Sunday 20th July saw 5 Junior fighters competing at the Meopham Open Championships.

For 2 students it was there first time for the three remaining members it was there 2/3 fight of the year, and still very new to the competition.

First up was Ciara who returned on the mats since February and breaking her arm and lost first round to the overall winner 7-8 in what was a great fight. Next up Florence who won two fights to reach the final only to be suffering an asthma problem and injury in the semi that coach Sat pulled her out of the final, but brought home a well earned Silver. Next up was Josh who won 2 rounds to get to the semis but just lost out to a very good fighter and earned a well deserved bronze. Next up was Joe who this was his first time competing and levelled the score 1-1 but got caught with same technique twice in 30 seconds losing 1-3 but a great first time performance. Last up was Rachel again whom this was the first time on the mat. The category was small and Rachel's first competitor did not turn up taking her to the final against a very strong finalist. Rachel kept her calm listened to her coach and fought fantastic winning 4-0 and her first medal and the clubs first gold of the day.

Sensei Sat commented "This was an excellent performance from the Junior Squad who fought fantastic and each student performed magnificently especially Rachel and Joe for whom this was their first time! Excellent performances from Ciara after a serious arm injury, and Good all round heart shown by Josh and Florence who even injured both continued to show heart and wanted to fight on! the Junior squad were brilliant and great to see the next generation of fighters coming through!"

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