USA Open Championships May 2014

Sunday 18th May saw three squad members compete at the USA Open Championships in Birmingham. First up was Florence who recently took bronze at the English Championships. Florence only had one fight however took the win and our first Gold with some great gyaks! ell done Florence. Next up was Alex who fought in her individuals. First round bye, second round 5-0, however lost in the final 3-4 to a kick in the last 15 seconds. Alex then entered the next age group up 13-14 considering she is only 11 won first round, won second round, lost in the final 1-4, taking 2 silvers after a 2 month mat absence!! Well done Alex.

Lastly was Sophie Santillo who fought in individuals and open and won all 4 fights to win double gold, well done Sophie! A great weekend where mat experience was much needed and the results still proved we could match the best!!

USA Open May 2014

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