Round-up: Central England Open, Dudley Open and BIKO 2015

Central England Open Competition

On the 18th October, Khalsa went to the Central England competition. With only three competitors, they came home with 1 bronze!

Jenna Cato was first up. In the first round, she was up against someone who had beaten her before. Although she fought well, she unfortunately lost 2-4. Unlucky Jenna.

Next to fight, was Zuko Robb. He had quite a large category. He won his first fight 2-0, his second fight 1-0 and in the semis he lost 0-2! Bronze!

Well done Zuk, a great achievement in such a big comp.

The final Khalsa member to fight was Fran Hardcastle. She had a bye in the first round but lost in the second round, due to injury.

Everyone fought great, well done to everyone who went!

Central England Open Competition

Central England Open Competition

BIKO Competition

Khalsa went to compete at Biko. It was a very action packed day. We had 7 competitors and came home with 3 golds!

Results below:
Jenna Cato: 1st round 0-3
Sam Whitfield: 1st round 4-5
Zuko Robb: 1st round 1-0, 2nd round 0-5
Ashley To: 1st round 8-2, 2nd round 0-8
Rachel Eagleton: 1st round 9-0, quarters 4-0, semis 3-0, final 2-0 gold!
Fran Hardcastle: 1st round 8-0, finals 3-2 gold!
Sophie Santillo: 1st round 8-0, semis 4-0, finals 7-4 gold!

Over all, everyone did well. Well done Sophie, Fran and Rache

Dudley Open

On the 27th of September, Zuko Robb, Rachel Eagleton, Fran Hardcastle and Sophie Santillo, all travelled to Dudley to compete in the UK Open Karate Championships.

Zuko was up first. He timed-gyaked beautifully winning the gold!

Next was Fran. She made it all the way to the semi finals but she unfortunately lost, however, still taking a bronze!

After Fran, was Rachel. As always, Rachel sold all her clean techniques to the referee, receiving a gold.

Khalsa’s final competitor was Sophie. She stormed through her category and won the gold. She entered the higher category and walked away with her second gold of the day! What a great day for Sophie!

Overall, everyone fought amazingly as there were 4 competitors and we came home with 4 golds and a bronze! Congratulations to everyone who competed.

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