English Kyu Grade Championships 2015

Sunday 25th January 2015 saw this years England Kyu Grade Championships held at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

Frontier Sport Karate, took 12 students, in total 8 from Khalsa Karate, 2 from FSK and 2 from Forza. Representing the club were Fran Hardcastle, Katie Maycock, Alex James, Ciara Gray, Florence Bradley, Rachel Eagleton and Jenna Cato.

The day was fantastic and everyone from the squad were magnificent, and brought the right head, focus and determination on the day!!! The teams were up first and although we didn't get the best starts, it actually made the team realise they had to step it up in the individuals, and boy they did that. My first five fighters all reached the final taking 4 Gold's, 1 Silver followed by 1 reaching the semi and taking Bronze and my other student Jenna was sent home due to a viral infection.

Overall medal tally was 4 Golds, 1 Silver and 2 Bronzes and 6th overall out of 50 associations and around 900 competitors competing.

Sensei Sat commented "This result is absolutely amazing and this is all due to the squads hard dedication and attitude, my instructors that continue to cover the classes, my squad coaches that help and support the club, YMCA and Active Kingston for all there continued support and guidance. I would just like to thank everyone on the day that supported, and coaches Sophie, Patrick, Fran who looked after the team and especially the parents, that go through the emotional and financial strains to help there children succeed in their dreams. Well done to you all!!

Results below -

Team 1 - Ciara, Florence = Bye, R1 - 4-1 and 8-1 no third fighter so out quarter finals.
Team 2 - Rachel , Alex = Bye, R1 - 2-3 and 6-3 win on points, 1-6 no second fight as we only had 2 fighters - BRONZE
Florence Bradley = R1 4-1, R2 4-1, R3 4-3, Semi 1-0, Final 3-0 - GOLD - with 45 competitors.
Ciara Gray = R1 6-0, R2 4-0, R3 8-0, R4 4-4 flags win 3-0, Final Pool 3-1, Final 3-4 - SILVER with over 50 competitors.
Rachel Eagleton = R1 Bye, R2 1-0, Final 7-0 - GOLD on her second ever tournament.
Alex James = Bye , R1 9-1, R2 4-1, R3 5-0, Semi 0-4 - BRONZE
Katie Maycock = Bye, R1 5-0, Final 4-0 - GOLD on her very first tournament ever.
Fran Hardcastle = Bye, R1, 9-1, Semi 5-2, Final 5-2 - GOLD
Jenna Cato = Couldn't compete due to sickness.

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