Meopham Open Karate Championships March 2015

Sunday the 8th March saw a team of six competitors compete in the Meopham Open Championships.

This was probably the biggest tournament to date held at Meopham and for 2 members it was there very first time competing.


Results below -

1st Round Fran Hardcastle 5-5 lost 0-2 Flags
1st Round Zuko Robb 3-5
1st Round Sam Whitfield 3-3 lost 2-3 Flags
Ciara Gray - Won 3 rounds - Lost Semi Final to Jenna - Bronze
Jenna Cato - Won 4 Rounds - Gold

Sensei Sat commented "Overall it was a good day, I wasn't expecting a the first timers to produce however they showed they have a lot of talent and potential so a great start there. For Fran, Ciara there were some lack of focus however overall good performances. Jenna fought consistently well and is starting to raise her game, after losing silly points before. That said it was a well attended day with some high quality fighters and as usual well organized."

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