England National Karate Kyu Grade Championships January 2016

Sunday 17th January 2016 saw the EKF National Championships. A prestigious championships held every year at Ponds Forge Sheffield.

This competition is that main event of the year and for those that are not black belts. With near on 900 competitors the event was another packed out sell out and a very hard day for competitors with some groups having 50+ in there group!

Khalsa Karate of Frontier Karate Association produced 5 Gold's meaning 5 New England Champions in the club, 1 Silver medallist, 1 Silver Team Medallists, and 1 Bronze Medallist.

Results below.

  • Ola Jedrzejczyk Kata Gold - England Champion 2016
  • Eoin Purcell - Kata Gold - England Champion 2016
  • Samantha Whitfield - Kumite Gold England Champion 2016
  • Jenna Cato - Kumite Gold England Champion 2016
  • Rachel Eagleton - Kumite Silver Medallist 2016 and Quarter finalist in Open Category. Was winning but had to withdraw due to heavy contact to the head and concussion. Potential Gold minimum bronze. Zuko Robb (Khalsa Karate), Elie (FSK) and Kobe (Forza) - Team Silver 2016.
  • Ciara Gray - English Bronze Medallist 2016. Ciara was last years 2015 Silver Medallist.
  • Florence Bradley - Out 1st round. Florence was last years 2015 England Champion.
  • Zuko Robb - Won first round. Out second round.
  • Ashley To - Out first round.
  • Gerald Robb - Bye first round, Won second round, Out in the Quarter Finals. Top 8! First ever competition.
  • Girls Team - Out first round.

Total 13 competitors -

Overall Tally - 5 Golds 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze.

This amazing result is not achieved without the hard work of the Instructors Anthony Balkisoon Paul Simmons and Anthoni Everitt who continue to strive and produce the best.

Khalsa Karate club Instructors who amazingly help week in and week out to support the squad and growth. The YMCA for all there continued support from when the club first opened back in 2000, without the values and support of the YMCA the club could not do what it does. My Students and Parents who volunteer week in and week out to support the growth of the club. FKA Association that help us support and encourage the promotion of England Team Goals to represent at World and European Level. With 2020 Olympics holding karate we would hope to have some members representing Team GB.

Sensei Sat Commented "The future for the squad and association is very bright and each year the results are harder and harder to beat, but somehow and with a bit of luck we seem to keep improving.

Last year was a tough tally to beat and we came overall 6th out of 52 associations with 4 Golds 1 Silver 1 Bronze, so to beat that tally by another Gold and another Silver is amazing.

I cannot thank the junior team enough they worked so hard, and deserved there medals and even those that lost, I could not have asked for any more effort! Everyone left there hearts and desire on the mats! My thanks to my sports coaches that week in and week out push the squad. All the parents that continue to drive and support there children's dreams and have to see the highs and lows and injuries of there children on the mat! Well done everyone your an amazing community and amazing team and this is what make the club what it is today!"

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