Krav Maga Seminar Sensei Neville Tetteh & Banstead Display

Friday the 28th April saw the club host a Krav Maga session with Sensei Neville Tetteh.

Sensei Neville a Kettle Bell Instructor, Karate Ka and Krav Maga Instructor visited the club to teach realistic self defence and knife attacks in a very real life situation and to show what dangers to look for.

Sensei Sat commented “What a fantastic seminar! Sensei Neville showed the club why using Krav Maga is so vital in today’s violent and troublesome times. The world has changed and some times your need quick effective techniques that can withstand any attack, whilst dealing with the aggressive nature of the attacker. I want to thank Sensei Neville for such an entertaining session!”

Banstead Display

With our very new club opening in Banstead, Saturday 29th April the club with Sensei Jeremy held a display at Banstead Village and what a fantastic display it was.

The display which lasted 10 mins included kihon, kata, kumite and bunkai! So much response was recorded that on the following Tuesday the club had 8 new members walk through the door and new venue offered and a local school interested in the club.

Sensei Sat commented “A massive well done to Sensei Jeremy Allen for organising a fantastic display and stand. The day was fantastic and what made me so happy was that the club all rallied and supported Sensei Allen and his new adventure. The teamwork on the weekend was absolutely fantastic, and I couldn’t have been prouder of my team!”

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