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I started Lau-Gar Kung-Fu in 1979 when I was 8, with one of the greatest Kung-Fu fighters that this country and world has ever seen under Neville Wray. I remember Sensei Neville Wray alongside his squad were at there height the top fighters in the country and I could only remember trophy after trophy after trophy that were brought back from the weekends competitions.


As a young lad you get easily strayed away with your ambitions and although my plans were to continue to train hard, my focus got strayed and my commitment went with it. It wasn't until I was seriously injured in a racial attack at the age of 20 that I realised that I must do some form of self defense, and wasn't until I was 21 that I joined the Washinkai Karate Club in New Malden under Sensei Chris Thompson. 

I had many good years of Karate there and eventually gained my Shodan Grading (1st Dan) and subsequently gained my 2nd Dan two years later under Chief Instructor Chris Thompson 8th Dan. 

I opened my own school at the Kingston YMCA on 11th September 2001 and started with 3 students and now have in the region of over 400 students.

I have trained with many of the great instructors this country has to offer such as Chris Thompson, Joe Anderson, Wayne Otto, Terry Daley, Alton Brown, Mervyn Etiene, Junior Lefevre, Ian Cole, Neville Wray, England Squad to name but a few. I am current Head Association Coach, BUCS Universities Coach and Southern Regional Coach for the England Team.

I believe Martial Arts is a never ending journey of knowledge, and its this knowledge that I have yet to find out that continues to make me strive in the search of perfection, and my knowledge of promoting good karate will never cease.


I will end on saying that Karate if practiced in a safe environment under correct guidance and recognised Karate schools can be very rewarding not just in physical but also in self confidence. 

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Sensei Sat Sehra

Head of Khalsa Karate Association

Head Instructor at Kingston


5th Dan

In 2018 Sensei Sat was EKF National Coach for England at the Commonwealths held in Durban, South Africa. England won 4/5 Golds which was the highest tally recorded for a first time in the National coaching role.

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